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A Sweet New Year's Cocktail Party Idea

A Sweet New Year's Cocktail Party Idea(Photos © Johnny Miller)
We've all been there: you want to throw a holiday gathering for your friends, but the effort of sourcing decor, booze, food, and enough matching glasses to go around makes you second-guess just how badly you want to play host during an already-busy time. Why not kill two birds with one stone and throw a party where the decoration and the food are one and the same? 

A Sweet New Year's Cocktail Party Idea(Photo © The Jewels of New York)
By offering a smattering of different desserts (or involving friends, pot luck-style), you can use different plates, trays, pedestals, or even glass cloches from your existing stash and set up a desk, dining table, or coffee table as a sort of still-life sideboard that would make Marie Antoinette proud. Serve Diana Yen's white chocolate cardamom fondue in a series of Christmasy mugs, chef Dante Giannini's savory vegan pumpkin bread on a colorful tray, Cecil & Merl's dulce de leche cheesecake on a simple cutting board, and mini, fiery-red blood orange panna cottas on crisp white saucers. Easy? Moderately. Delicious? Yes. Beautiful? Most definitely. 

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