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The Inside Scoop On Venice's Hottest Hotel

The Parachute Hotel is calling your name.

When we first covered the The Parachute Hotel’s opening last year, we have to admit we were completely awe-struck. So much in fact, that the space’s neutral and down-the-earth elements have inspired the décor in our own home.

That leather modular sofa in the center of the space, the L’aviva Home poufs, the Chris Earl custom bed — it’s all artfully crafted yet welcoming and comfortable. Basically, the vacation home of your dreams.

Courtesy of The Parachute Hotel.
Courtesy of The Parachute Hotel.

Which is why we were excited to learn more about the design process and overall inspiration. We sat down with Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute Home, to get the scoop on the Venice hotspot. If you’re itching to know more about the conceptual space, this is your ticket. Summer vacay, anyone?

Tell us about The Parachute Hotel and what prompted you to open it.

"The Parachute Hotel is a one-of-a-kind destination located in the heart of Venice Beach. This spectacular 2,200-square foot penthouse features a master bedroom, open floor plan and outdoor living space — perfect for events, parties or private stays. I’ve always loved entertaining and interior design, and these passions contributed to my initial idea for Parachute. Our first office was in a beach bungalow, and interacting with our products in a home setting was an effective way to grow the brand. At our Showroom Store, we’re able to do this in a more curated and thorough way. The Parachute Hotel was the natural next step for the brand. It’s an immersive, more intimate space for our community to experience and enjoy the Parachute lifestyle."

How did you find the space and why was it important to have it be in Venice?

"Finding the hotel space was a happy accident. Originally, we were only looking at space for our office and showroom. However, when I toured the second floor of the building, I was blown away! I immediately saw the potential to create an even stronger connection with our customers and jumped at the opportunity to lease that space as well."

 "Venice was in need of an event venue as well as fresh hotel concept. Our location, on Rose Avenue, is surrounded by some of the best food and shopping in Los Angeles. We are also only a short walk to the beach. Basically, we have everything you need to live like a local in Venice Beach — or host a great party."

Courtesy of The Parachute Hotel.
Courtesy of The Parachute Hotel.

What was the inspiration for the design of the hotel?

"I collaborated with interior designer, Scott Horne (also responsible for the Showroom Store), on outfitting The Parachute Hotel with like-minded vendors, makers and friends of the brand. Each piece was carefully considered, creating something utterly unique but at the same time familiar to the Parachute aesthetic. We focused, above all, on quality and craftsmanship — core tenets of the Parachute brand. Our goal was to design a space with an overall sense of sophisticated simplicity. We mixed timeless raw materials like wood, metal and leather that would wear well, but were still comfortable."

"Ultimately, we wanted to create a space that would feel comfortable not only for a group of thirty (or more), but also for a couple looking to relax on vacation."

 What are your favorite items in the hotel and why?

 "One of my favorite features of the hotel is the breathtaking folding glass wall that opens to a gorgeous patio. The space transforms when it’s open! We intentionally designed the patio to feel like an extension of the living and dining rooms. When it comes to the furniture and decor, two of my personal faves are the custom Dansk Bed by Chris Earl and the Safari Bench by Katy Skelton. Both pieces make a statement yet work in cohesion with the other items in the room. It’s hard to pick just one or two favorites, though. I’ve fallen in love with so many pieces!"

Can you share a little bit more on how you selected the designers for the space?

"Scott Horne has become an indispensable part of the Parachute team. I’ve worked with many stylists over the years, but never have I connected with anyone as seamlessly. He truly understands my aesthetic and creative process. I am continually impressed by his ability to capture the sophisticated neutrality and modern simplicity of Parachute.  Together, we outfitted the space with our favorite home furnishings, art and locally sourced amenities. Essentially, we curated a space showcasing the brands we love and admire – and made the space completely shoppable so our guests can also enjoy these items in their own homes."

What items (if any) would you love to add to the space?

"The hotel was designed to evolve, and we are open to working with other designers to refresh the space over time. We specifically selected furniture that can be moved around in order to create new vignettes and uses. It’s been really fun to observe how different brands have modified the space to create an environment that reflects who they are, too. I’m also game for more plants!  We recently partnered with Zola, and I immediately fell in love with the lush flower wall they added to the room. I’m now exploring ways to bring this element into the hotel and Showroom Store for spring."