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Staycation vs. Vacation

Should you stay or should you go now? Here's how to do both the best way we know how.

We're nearing the end of a long holiday weekend, and there's only one thing on our minds: why didn't we skip town like every single person on our Instagram feed? But, come to think of it, maybe our sofa is all the destination we need. Feeling as indecisive as we are? We've got you covered. From the world's coolest hotels to tips on how to turn your bathroom into a spa, our guide will help you make the most of your time—however you choose to spend it. 

Staycation vs. Vacation

1. Get 40+ ideas to cozy up your living space—from dark wall colors to nubby knit throws—then settle in for a long winter's Netflix binge.

2. Crank up the space heater, think beachy thoughts, and indulge in this fruity cocktail. Don't you dare skip the cheesy umbrella!

Staycation vs. Vacation

3. Add some romance to your boudoir with inspiration from one of our (and your) all-time favorite features, Rooms To Get It On In. Bow chicka wow wow.

4. Transform your bathroom into the ultimate refuge for at-home pampering. We've got everything you need, right down to the super fluffy robe.

Staycation vs. Vacation

5. Whip up these adorable mini almond cranberry cakes and some herbal tea, then enjoy them in bed.

6. If all this indulgence sounds well and good, but you're really itching to get out of Dodge, check out 48 stylish hotels around the world to book right now.

Staycation vs. Vacation

7. This sleepy beach town is fast becoming one of the buzziest design hot spots in the country. Discover the best way to spend 48 hours in Santa Barbara.

8. One supremely chic mom reveals her secrets to traveling in style with kiddos in tow. (Psst, two words: vacation rentals.)

Staycation vs. Vacation

9. What better way to discover the of-the-moment hot spots you should be scouting around the world than checking in with your favorite jet-setting celebs

10. So you're ready to head out? Not so fast. Here's what Lonny editors are packing for every kind of getaway. Bon voyage!