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The Smallest Shop In San Francisco

The new crowd-sourced travel app Spot shows us where all the cool kids are going now.

You don't need to sell us on the merits of Instagram. See our Bite Size travel guides, our wildly successful Instagram Stories series, and our weekly-check ins with some of our favorite designers. Spot takes that idea one step further, bringing you in-the-know travel content from people you know and love—plus trusted experts, insiders with great taste, and names you just might recognize from Instagram. Case in point: this teeny, tiny shop in San Francisco, which has made it to the top of our must-see list thanks to the crowd-sourcing app's blog.

A former pastry chef at cult-bakery Tartine is the creative force behind Mel Rice Ceramica. In a boho nook in the Mission District, owner Melissa “Mel” Rice displays her hand-thrown ceramics, which feature cool geometric patterns and anti-inspirational quotes we can't get enough of. But don't take our word for it. Head over to their blog for the full story, then stick around to discover more off-the-radar gems.

The Smallest Shop In San Francisco