Fall Fashion 2014

Elevate this utilitarian room with just a few key design components and one really decadent wall treatment.
The decor in these three rooms is as fierce as Queen B herself.
A psychedelic wallpaper shares a graphic quality with a featherweight gown
A feat for the aesthetically challenged? Not so. Here's how to blend in the trends in a way that feels authentic, never contrived.
Two spirited designers take on the boldest hue on the color spectrum.
The designer combines masculine and feminine details to dazzling effect in this moody space.
Garden-inspired naturals are the name of the game
A British label with an unlikely name is turning out cheeky outerwear for fall
We can't help but notice how readily trends translate from the world of fashion to the realm of interiors.
Three fashion looks face off against their home-design doppelgangers.
The multitasking sisters-in-law behind one of New York Fashion Week’s hottest brands give us a glimpse of their delicate balancing act
Fashion and interiors are manifestations of the same thing: personal style. Read on to find a few of our favorite pairings
Tracing the tale of the legendary fragrance back to its birthplace—the rose fields of France’s Côte d’Azur