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Runway to Room: A Pucci Coat and a Lee Kleinhelter Bedroom

(Photos © Style.com / Lonny)
By now the thick fall fashion magazines have hit newsstands and mailboxes around the world. We can almost hear the fashionistas feverishly flagging their favorite looks and tearing out glossy pages of ready-to-wear inspiration. We, too, have taken note of what's coming down the runway and can't help but think how readily trends translate from the world of fashion to the realm of interiors.

When we saw Emilio Pucci's rich orange coat strut down the catwalk, the image of Lee Kleinhelter's bold Atlanta guest bedroom instantly came to mind. The colors, the rich materials, the thoughtful details; it's as if Pucci took his inspiration straight from our archives. Bold and equally sophisticated, both look and room command attention. With this new season upon us—and endless opportunities to meld fashion and design in our interiors—we plan to do the same. 

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