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Rebuilding the Bar: A Time-Lapse Video

Rebuilding the Bar: A Time-Lapse Video | Lonny.com
(Ph. © M. Alexander Weber)
Many of us have come to think of makeovers as enviable projects that only the luckiest of us have the time, energy, and money to undertake. But what happens when a makeover is thrust upon you without warning, as a matter of necessity? That's just what happened to the owners of Donna Cocktail Club, a South American-inspired bar that recently reopened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, after an electrical fire decimated the property. Owner Leif Young Huckman enlisted help from Evan & Oliver Haslegrave, of the Brooklyn-based firm hOmE, to restore the vaulted ceilings and curved bar—which the duo designed back in 2012—to a state much closer to the original. "While the bar was closed, we focused on making everything more efficient," says Oliver. "The space really has become transitional, softly glowing in an afternoon light and buzzing and inviting by nightfall."

Below, take a peek at the time-lapse video of the restoration process for a fascinating look behind the scenes of this makeover.

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