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Sarah Jean's HomeGoods Makeover Mood Board

tktkI've spent the better part of a year in my downtown apartment, and it still has a long way to go until it's 'done.' (Then again, is design ever done?) So when asked if I was game for a HomeGoods makeover, my immediate question was "when can we start?" The one remaining space that was completely bare and begging for attention was my poor, little entryway. With a looming shopping spree ahead, I rummaged through my mental archive of all things lustworthy to hone in on the exact look I want to achieve.Take a look below, then check back here on Thursday for the finished revamp when our October 2014 issue launches!

1. The chair. The Mirror. The burst of greenery. If I can somehow recreate a moment like this one in Juan Carretero's 19th century Hudson, New York hideaway, I'll be thrilled. My foyer is lacking in architectural details and patina, and bringing in those gilded and weathered elements is high priority. 

2. I knew right away that I wanted my very own bar cart. With limited space to spare for libations and spirits, I had to keep it small, yet with enough storage to house extra glassware. Also, my stark white walls are just begging to be turned into a big mood board, à la Mary Nelson Sinclair's West Village apartment in our October 2012 issue. 

3. I'm a total sucker for those dusty, packed-to-the-brim antique malls that litter the back highways of the South. I Instagrammed this picture from one of my favorite junky haunts, and ideally all those pieces of tarnished silver I've collected along the way will find a final resting place on a console table, bar, or windowsill.

4. Plaid has always been cool in my book, but I'm thrilled that it's back en vogue again. The colors and the scale of Stella McCartney's seen-on-every-style-blog plaid sweater are perfect. Somehow, somewhere, a cool tartan has to be incorporated. 

5. Everywhere I go, I'm always picking something up from off the ground, from a handful of sun-bleached oysters on a deserted Florida beach to wild bird feathers in the foothills of North Carolina. I know it's cliché to say, but nature's little treasures are always inspiring.

6. A few years ago I found two antique equestrian prints in my family's basement. Since then, the duo has been cleaned up and whipped into shape but have sat, boxed up with no where to go. When @gadabout (one of my favorite 'grammers) posted an entire wall of equine prints on Instagram, I knew that they had to make a cameo in the foyer.

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