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A Lonny Editor's Home Makeover: The Dining Room

When they bought their first house in historic Williamstown, Massachusetts, Lonny Art Director Wendy Scofield and her husband James Tracey knew it would need major renovations in order to be livable and comfortable for their growing family. The major selling points? Five bedrooms, a gracious wraparound porch, and a spacious second-floor sitting room. Beyond that, virtually every other space would need to be majorly made over, and the shelter magazine-alum Wendy and talented handyman James were just the duo for the job.

(The dining room post-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
For the serious foodie couple (James is the Executive Chef at Tom Colicchio's award-winning restaurants), having a functioning dining room to enjoy their expertly-prepared meals was a major must. But despite the generous light that streamed in from a pair of grand windows, the space was anything but dinner party-ready.

(The dining room pre-makeover. Courtesy of Wendy Scofield)
After completing a much-needed kitchen revamp, the couple next set out to remake the dining room. "We stripped the busy red wallpaper, ripped out the mantel, sanded and spackled the walls, and added a custom chandelier," Wendy remembers of the hands-on work she and her husband completed in the light-filled space. They kept the original moldings but repainted them a sparkling white, and chose a handsome chocolate brown for the walls. "I love that color; it's inviting, food-friendly, sophisticated, and somewhat unexpected," Wendy says. Of the many boisterous family dinners her brood shared around the gleaming mahogany table, she adds: "the memories will last forever."
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