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The Cutest Kicks Your Kids Need Now

Umi Shoes | Lonny.com
(Leola B. in Black Multi, left, and Electric Blue Multi. All photos courtesy of Umi Shoes)
Moccasins, moto boots, and the most adorable two-tone Mary Janes ever are just a few of the super-stylish kicks we're loving from the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection of Umi Shoes. The 10-year-old Wisconsin-based brand doesn't skimp on quality or comfort; light as air and crafted from quality leathers and breathable, nontoxic natural materials, the shoes are clearly made with special attention to growing feet. 
UMI Shoes | Lonny.com(Hectorr in Tan/Pink)
Now, granted, I'm as guilty as the next parent of defaulting to the Crocs option for my kids' everyday footwear. That's not to say I like it. What appeals to me most about Umi Shoes are the, well, coolness of their styles—including the tomboy-chic Hectorr in the tan/pink combo, above, or the lace-up Riker for boys. And for those who say it's silly to care too much about what your kids put on their feet, I say this: A lifetime of good design starts from the ground up.

UMI Shoes | Lonny.com(Riker in Olive Multi)

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