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Transform Your Home with Technology

Heads up, design-loving audiophiles: Decorating with home electronics has never been more chic.

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Courtesy of Sonos

Hey, we’ve got nothing against man caves. But just because we appreciate them doesn’t mean we want to decorate our homes along those aesthetic lines. That’s why we’re obsessing over the Sonos Play:1, a stylishly compact wireless speaker that allows you to seamlessly integrate all your music services, from Internet radio and Spotify streaming to your own digital audio library.

Transform Your Home with Technology

In terms of our current array of home electronics, the Play:1 has quickly attained MVP status, moving easily from the bedroom (it’s sleek and unobtrusive perched on a nightstand) to the bathroom (it’s humidity-resistant, so crank it up to accompany those shower power ballads). Our next project: turning our TV room into a space worthy of a game-day experience thanks to the slim and elegant Sonos Playbar, which provides rich, clear, full-theater sound.