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The 10 Best Design Instagram Accounts To Follow Today

Whether you're a photographer, an artist, or an interior designer, these 10 Insta accounts will keep you informed and inspired.

Photographed by Julia Sperling.

Whether you’re an artist, a photographer, an illustrator, or an interior designer, the best design Instagram accounts can help keep you inspired throughout the day. Science shows that observing art actually changes the connections in your brain, and those neural connections may mean new and creative ideas. In other words, looking at other people’s creations may just inspire you to make your own. 

After all, inspiration is just stimulation from the outside world that you then turn into something new — but if you’re not the creative type, looking at art can also increase blood flow to the brain by up to 10 percent,. That can help with problem-solving and critical thinking. If you’re feeling stuck throughout the work day, taking a quick break to glance at pretty pictures in Instagram posts might just jump-start those neurons. 

That said, not everyone has the time to visit a museum or an art exhibit during their lunch break. Never fear. Thanks to the internet, inspiration is everywhere you look, and one platform in particular can keep you up to date with all the newest, most eye-catching creations

Instagram is a treasure-trove of visual stimulation, and millions of people post on Instagram as a source of creative inspiration for their own designs or artwork — but if your feed has gotten a little repetitive lately, it may be time to freshen things up. Whether you're looking for captivating creations from artists or some interior design ideas from the pros, the best design Instagram accounts are sure to keep you intrigued while you scroll. 

These 10 accounts offer a little bit of everything to quench your creative thirst with photos, staged spaces, textiles, logos, conceptual art, and stop-motion animations. A few even offer new product launches and insights of the business, so you can stay informed as well as inspired.  

1. Justina Blakeney: @justinablakeney

Justina Blakeney is a L.A.-based artist, designer, and author who's known for everything from her books to her "jungalicious style." Blakeney wrote the New York Times best-seller The New Bohemians (which explores locations and individuals with a creative, no-rules aesthetic), but her Instagram focuses more heavily on brightly colored textiles and jungle-inspired interior designs.

On this Instagram, you'll find plenty of patterned prints, flowing fabrics, and uplifting rooms with deep blues and whimsical greens — plus loads of body positivity and empowered-woman vibes. You can also catch occasional shots of her husband Jason and her daughter Ida. 

2. Stefan Sagmeister: @stefansagmeister

This Austrian graphic designer lives in New York, and you may have seen his creative work on some pretty famous album covers. His design studio has created designs for artists like the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Jay Z. In 1993, he founded Sagmeister Inc., and now he designs logo graphics, furniture, and packaging for all types of clients. Sagmeister says of his own work, "I am interested in creating an emotional connection to an audience. I have always been jealous of our music clients, who can often achieve this much deeper, quicker and more immediately."

His Instagram is unique for this reason: Sagmeister uses his personal account as a platform to highlight and critique other artists' creations. He encourages designers to send him "the most beautiful thing [they] have ever made," and he posts the pictures along with a review. His pieces tend to favor black-and-white schemes with the occasional pop of color, and it's a great account to follow if you're looking for versatile inspiration from a wide variety of sources. 

3. Jessica Walsh: @jessicavwalsh

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This New York City-based graphic designer is the founder of &Walsh — a creative agency that offers branding and advertising services in both motion and print. Before she branched off to start her own company, Walsh partnered with Sagmeister for an aptly-named collaboration called Sagmeister & Walsh. Together, they created "self-initiated creative arts projects." 

Walsh's Instagram is filled with colorful photos, whimsical puns, and retro-inspired design inspiration — all with an empowered, rough-around-the-edges feel. They're sure to fill your Instagram feed with pops of color and a few brilliant quotes, all wrapped up in pretty pictures. 

4. Jonathan Adler: @jonathanadler

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This account features incredibly sleek furniture, statement pieces, and interior designs, and even though his staged rooms flow effortlessly together, there's always something unique to catch the eye. 

Adler actually got started out as a potter. While he launched his first pottery line at Barneys in 1993, he has since expanded to decor, furniture, rugs, lighting, and everything in between. His Instagram highlights the best of his selection, which can be found in stores all over the globe or on his website.

If you like gold-accented tables, interesting vases, and sophisticated sitting rooms, this one is well worth the follow. 

5. Adobe: @adobe

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You may already be one of Adobe's 900k-plus followers, but this account is worth mentioning just in case. As the leading name in creative cloud design software, this company offers an abundance of tools and inspiration for creative people. Its Instagram takes that mission one step further.

Adobe's account offers an inside look into new products and features, but it also highlights work from photographers, illustrators, painters, 3D artists, calligraphers, directors — you name it. As a result, it remains one of the top Instagram accounts for those with an interest in art, photography, or graphic design.  Adobe posts multiple times a week, and the content is always thought-provoking and beautiful. 

6. Rachel Ryle: @rachelryle

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If you’re looking for something sweet, uplifting, and whimsical, illustrator, and animator Rachel Ryle delivers. The Instagram of this self-taught, award-winning artist is filled with cute illustrations and motivational calligraphy, some of which is held up against the backdrop of its inspirational source. 

Lately, Ryle is creating stop-motion animations that showcase the evolution of her drawings before she launches them into a creative story. Her feed is often filled with festive drawings, so if you’re the type of person who likes psych yourself up for the holidays, this is a great place to do it. 

7. Emily Henderson: @em_henderson

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Here’s another one of the best interior design Instagram accounts out there. Emily Henderson is a best-selling author, HGTV personality, and creator of a popular style and design blog. She owns an L.A.-based design company that specializes in “mixing eclectic styles on modern budgets,” and is currently a Target home spokesperson.

Henderson’s designs feature stark whites contrasted with warm woods and rich textiles. Whether she’s staging a bathroom, a dining room, or an outdoor space, the rooms are equal parts cozy and modern. Unlike other interior designers, Henderson is often in the pictures herself. She offers business insights as well as pictures of her family, so you feel as if you’re getting an inside peek into the life of a professional designer

8. Accidentally Wes Anderson: @accidentallywesanderson

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Wes Anderson is a filmmaker who’s been nominated for multiple Oscars. He’s known for his distinctive visuals, typically in the form of satisfying symmetry, pastel palettes, and unexpected angles. It’s really no wonder his tactics have taken on their own identity. 

This Instagram mimics Anderson’s techniques in the form of photography. The images are often vivid, colorful, and taken from a head-on angle. They also offer interesting blurbs about the featured buildings and items. The account has a surprising 823k followers, and users are encouraged to submit their own Anderson-inspired photographs

9. Verònica Fuerte: @veronicafuerte

Looking for someone fresh and innovative? Verònica Fuerte is the founder and creative director of Hey, a studio based in Barcelona. It offers conceptual campaigns and graphic design illustrations for clients, and whether a project is printed, digitized, or hand-crafted, communication is at the heart of it all. 

On her Instagram, Fuerte posts a combination of self-portraits, interesting locations, and everyday objects with a unique aesthetic appeal. Bold, primary colors and harsh angles run rampant in her posts, so they’re sure to give you a boost of energy during your morning Insta scroll. 

10. Daniel Rueda: @drcuerda

The magic of this Instagram account lies in its simplicity. Daniel Rueda’s designs all feature two things: a person and a wall. His use of perspective and conceptual designs are sure to get the creative juices flowing. 

He tends to feature the same models over and over again — namely himself and his partner, Anna Devís. Sometimes they complete the image, and other times they effortlessly blend in, but it’s interesting to see the same two people posed so differently in each one. 

David Rueda has a background in architecture, and his love of angles and buildings is apparent in all his photos. At the very least, they’re fun to look at, and at the most, they provide ample inspiration for those who like to play with texture, angles, and patterns.  His posts feature witty titles as well as captions that tell a story, which help to provide some insight into Rueda’s thought-process as a photographer.