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The 14 Best Interior Designers To Follow On Instagram Now

Refresh your Instagram feed with these 14 interior designers from all around the world.

Photographed by Sara Tramp for EHD; Designed by Michael Keck.

When you love interior design, it becomes a lifestyle. Home renovation shows filled with artists and designers constantly play on your television, your e-mail is filled with shelter mag newsletters, and you have at least seven different Pinterest boards dedicated to creative inspiration for your eventual dream living room. (Don't even get me started on the decorative throw pillow addiction.) And of course, the best interior designers on Instagram continue to keep us all inspired and entertained. 

Instagram offers an endless supply of visual stimulation and new ideas. It's filled with the best interior designers (both new and established) to keep you in the loop when it comes to the most popular home-decorating trends

Those of you who are addicted to your Insta accounts know how well it fulfills your craving for #interiordesign. It offers a creative pick-me-up whenever you need it, and you stay up to date with all the latest furniture, decor, colors, and architecture. Maybe your feed has been feeling a little stale as of late. If so, it's time to hit the refresh button with a few new follows in your favorite category. 

These interior designers are based all over the world — New York, California, Norway, Australia, you name it — so you can keep an eye on emerging trends no matter where you are. Each has their own unique style, but they've all got one thing in common: Their designs are sleek, gorgeous, and worthy of the follow. No matter your preferred aesthetic (all-white rooms FTW), these talented people are sure to brighten up your daily scroll. 

If you're looking for new interior design inspo, look no further than the 14 best interior designers to follow on Instagram. They're just as satisfying as buying yet another decorative throw pillow — but way more affordable. 

1. Sarah Sherman Samuel, @sarahshermansamuel

This cool Los Angeles-based designer is Sarah Sherman Samuel. Her Instagram posts highlight such spaces (along with glimpses of her personal life), and she's gained more than 250k followers thanks to her clean, sleek style. She utilizes mostly whites and creamy tones, which she contrasts with warm woods and unexpected pops of primary colors.

If you aspire to own a modern-magazine home, this is the Instagram account to follow.  

2. Grant K. Gibson, @grantkgibson

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Interior designer and author Grant K. Gibson is a little more traditional in his designs. However, even though he pulls his inspiration from history, he takes a "fresh approach" to create classic, beautiful, and functional rooms.

On this beautifully curated account, you're likely to find intricate molding, curved armchairs, and historic architecture — but they're gorgeously modernized with stark color contrasts and clean accents. You're also sure to see plenty of pictures that include Gibson's westie, Wesley, in case your love of interior design overlaps with a love of dogs. In other words, this is one of the most animal-friendly interior design Instagram accounts out there.

3. Justina Blakeney, @justinablakeney

Justina Blakeney is an entrepreneur, artist, New York Times best-selling author, and mother. While her website, Jungalow, functions as a one-stop shop for everything from apparel to home decor, her Instagram focuses more on her life and designs. This page is a treasure trove of bold colors, bright textiles, body positivity, and jungle-inspired rooms. 

4. Studio McGee, @studiomcgee

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This husband and wife design team has nearly a million followers on Instagram. The couple launched their interior design firm Studio McGee in 2014, and their work has since exploded in popularity.

Their Instagram is full of symmetry, modern furniture, and some of the most breathtaking kitchens you've ever seen — and if you like a combination of white, black, navy, and brown, this is the feed for you. 

5. Elisabeth Heier, @elisabeth_heier

Elisabeth Heier's Instagram is filled with clean lines, clutter-free shelves, Scandinavian furniture, and white linens. She also loves to play with light in her photographs, which gives her designs a unique angle — even if the picture features something as simple as a lamp or a bathtub.

6. Emily Henderson, @em_henderson

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With over 800k followers, Emily Henderson is one of the best interior designers to follow if you appreciate a balanced combination of retro and modern. The author, stylist, and HGTV personality also runs her own blog, and has "a strong commitment to vintage inspired approachable [homes] for every single person." 

On her Instagram, you'll find mid-century accents paired with bright white walls and cozy woods.

7. Kelly Wearstler, @kellywearstler

In terms of aesthetic, Kelly Wearstler is not your average interior designer and architect. She creates spaces and products for both residential and commercial locations, but her designs are always provocative, unique, and multi-layered.

Wearstler's Instagram regularly plays with color, form, and texture to create the kind of spaces you won't see anywhere else. In addition to staged rooms, she features patterns, abstract designs, and portraits of herself, so it's a well-rounded source of inspiration for any kind of artist. 

8. Ryan Korban, @ryankorban

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"Arbiter of taste" Ryan Korban is a renowned New York-based author and interior designer. His style is best described as chic, elevated, and romantic, so if you love elegant pillars, massive walk-in closets, marble structures, and historic architecture, this is the Instagram account for you. He also loves to accent with millennial pink, whether that be a bouquet of roses or an entire room.

9. Dabito, @dabito

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Dabito is the founder and creative director of Old Brand New, which specializes in art, design, and branding. He approaches his designs from a crafty angle, but he's best known for his bold, unexpected color palettes, which are regularly inspired by his globetrotting expeditions. On this Instagram, you'll find cozy spaces, interesting light fixtures, and a nature-driven aesthetic. You'll also find tons of vivid hues to brighten up your feed. 

10. Bespoke Binny Home & Lifestyle, @bespokebinny

The brainchild of Natalie Manima, Bespoke Binny is another brand that utilizes bright colors and interesting patterns — but this one focuses mainly on textiles. Follow this Instagram if you love eye-catching throw pillows, lamp shades, table runners, clothes, and aprons.

11. Jonathan Adler, @jonathanadler

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Geometric accents are a massive trend right now, but few designers make use of them like Jonathan Adler. Whether it's a beveled side table, a set of eye-catching curtains, a unique light fixture, or an entire wall,  Adler regularly tips his cap to mid-century modern design through the use of geometric shapes. 

His Instagram is unique for one other thing, too: the art pieces. Adler got his start as a potter before his line was picked up by Barneys in 1993, and now he creates everything from furniture to lighting fixtures. Still, that artistic flair is at the heart of the brand's aesthetic. You'll find unique vases, table accents, and statues in almost every picture. 

12. Decus Interiors, @decus_interiors

Based in Sydney, Australia, Decus Interiors is an all-women team that "draws on all facets of la dolce vita — art, fashion, graphics and architecture — to design homes that inspire, nurture and challenge the status quo." Their team focuses on designs that are simplistic, but gorgeous, and their posts pull inspiration from Scandinavian culture and mid-century influences. This Instagram regularly makes use of natural textures like wood, fur, and stone, all of which effortlessly blend together to create a clean, but inviting room. 

13. Mark D. Sikes, @markdsikes

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Mark D. Sikes is an interior designer and the author of the New York Times best-seller, Beautiful — a look into "all-American decorating and timeless style." With his love of romantic prints, busy tiles, ornate furniture, and curved armchairs, Sikes is certainly the most traditional designer on this list, but his creations offer a balanced combination of elegance and cozy, lived-in appeal. 

14. Jessica Helgerson, @jhinteriordesign

Based out of Portland, Oregon, JHID is an interior design company headed by Jessica Helgerson. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Helgerson is extremely talented, but it's her accessible, practical approach that sets her apart from other designers. Thanks to her background as a green-building activist (and a short stint in a 540-square-foot cottage), she emphasizes the importance of green building and sustainability in all her projects. 

This Instagram doesn't just focus on showroom-ready spaces. It features cozy nooks, functional laundry rooms, and overgrown gardens. Every picture feels like the type of home you could actually live in, rather than something you'd be afraid to ruin.