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Q&A with Christine and John Gachot

Names: Christine and John Gachot
Reside in: New York City and Shelter Island, New York.
Occupation: Veteran designers and founders of the recently launched firm Gachot.
Best known for: Warm, approachable modernism and careers spent with design-world heavy hitters such as Bill Sofield and André Balazs.
See the Gachots' own Shelter Island house here
(Courtesy of Gachot/Craig La Court Photography)Antique or modern? 
Christine Gachot: Modern.
John Gachot: Antique modern. I really like powder coating and mold injected-plastic as it ages.

City or country?
CG and JG: We go both ways.

Which colors do you use most?
CG and JG: Gray, blue, and white.

Favorite materials or textures?
CG: Right now I am having a love affair with teak, bronze, and linen.

What were your earliest design influences?
CG: I always enjoyed walking into AERO studio's original gallery on Spring Street in SoHo.
JG: Growing up on the grounds of the Westbury House, which was designed and built for J.S. Phipps.
CG and JG: Meeting Bill Sofield changed both our lives.

Design rule you like to break?
When confronted with "design rules," we often refer to the folks at F**kYourNoguchiCoffeeTable.com... kind of hits the spot.

On which movie set would you like to live?
JG: North by Northwest.
CG: The Incredibles.

Who is your design hero?
CG and JG: Henry Dreyfuss, industrial designer extraordinaire and the author of the seminal work The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design.

What was the last great hotel you stayed in, and why?
JG: Christine has spent a good part of her career designing hotels and loves them. She would probably live in one. We recently stayed at Soho Beach House in Miami and had a blast. The service was impeccable, and the staff was friendly.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.
JG: Christine is fascinated with a building we are doing on Irving Place in New York. It’s fun to watch her because the project is a major departure from her strict modern sensibility. I’ve enjoyed watching her design more romantically. We're also working on a shuffleboard court in Brooklyn. I sense a major movement brewing; the client’s enthusiasm and passion for the project is inspirational. It makes me want to play shuffleboard. They have that effect on everyone they come in contact with!

Your personal style in three words?
CG: I can do it in one: The pencil skirt.
JG: That’s three words.
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