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Q&A with India Hicks

Name: India Hicks
Resides in: Harbour Island, Bahamas
Occupation: Lifestyle entrepreneur, author, and designer of everything from jewelry to the newly launched India Hicks Island Living for HSN
Best known for: Clean, classic, undeniably glamorous island style

Antique or modern? 
A little bit of both. My father was the master of this. He shook up the quiet English drawing room not only by decorating with vibrating colors but also by placing a modern chair beneath an 18th-century oil painting.

City or country?
Neither. Island, island, island.

Which colors do you use most? 
Dove gray, and pale and shocking pink. But I wear a lot of leopard print and hunter green, for the crazy inner animal in me.

Favorite materials or textures? 
I love texture of any kind, especially natural ones: raffia, sea grass, hemp, etc. When we first moved to our home on the island, we removed all the harsh elements (cement, tile, and glass) and replaced them with wood, paper, and straw. Well, not entirely, otherwise our house would have blown away in a hurricane.

Design rule you like to break?
We like to keep to a muted color palette, as there is such a kaleidoscope outside that we felt we need to be calmer inside—and then we painted our staircase watermelon pink.

On which movie set would you like to live? 
James Bond. I named my daughter Domino, after the Bond girl in Thunderball, which was set in the Bahamas. I think she might [make it] on the set quicker than I. She is a tough little tomboy—what else could we expect with four older brothers?

Who is your design hero? 
Hero is a strong word, but my father, for his incredible, original way of thinking, and Kelly Wearstler, for being a strong individual, a woman making her mark in so many areas of the design world. And Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN. She has basically "redesigned" an entire network.

What's your favorite hotel? 
Casa Tua in Miami. I am a founding member, and it's owned and operated by dear friends who happen to also be extraordinarily glamorous.

Your personal style in three words? 
A modern classic.


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