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These Are The Lonny Editors' Self-Care Rituals

Self care is tops.

These Are The Lonny Editors' Self-Care Rituals
Photographed by Maria Del Rio.

Do you implement self-care into your daily routine? In such a busy world, taking time for yourself good may feel impossible. But if you care about your mental health, self-care is such an essential to help you get through a stressful week without burning out. Plus, self-care can come in many different forms! From exercise to meditation to watching your favorite show on Netflix, all these activities can be helpful if you're in need of a daily recharge.

Want a peek into how the Lonny editor's do self-care? Scroll ahead to see each of our go-to rituals to chill out.

"The term self-care often gets the reputation for being indulgent or selfish (most think massages or bubble baths), but carving out compassion for yourself is so critical — and I think it starts with the mind and internal focus. I've been wanting to introduce a meditation practice for as long as I can remember and have always put it on the back-burner and let other things or tasks come first. I've finally started to set aside time for introspection and mind-clearing and really am reaping the benefits. It's allowed me to really begin to shift my life in other ways because I am more tuned into my intuition and gut. It can be tough to do it every day but I am trying to incorporate it at least three times a week for now and hope to build from there. " -Angela Tafoya, Managing Editor

"My weekly self-care comes by way of Classpass, the app that gives you access to dozens of fitness studios at a wallet-friendly price point. After a longer than I’d like to admit hiatus from working out regularly, I was introduced to the app through a few friends and I’ve never looked back. Although fitness may be the obvious self-care ritual, it is for good reason. I now don't know how I would get through the week without those few hours of getting away from everything and focusing on only myself." -Briana Gagnier, Senior Designer

"Like many, I have a tendency to go one-million miles an hour, Tasmanian devil style. This is why my go-to healing activity is stopping. Taking an evening to do absolutely nothing — no plans, no obligations — is my remedy against any stressors or big to-dos. Call it antisocial (or just being a grandmother) but pressing pause is definitely what keeps me in line the most. Oh, and chances are I have on Dr. Jart's Black Charcoal Sheet Mask while I'm at it." -Megan O'Sullivan, Associate Editor

"The most draining activity for me during the work week is my commute. I have to drive one hour to and from the office every day and that wasted time on the road can feel like an eternity. My self-care savior? Podcasts. With my rotation of Pod Save America, Lovett Or Leave It, Girlboss Radio, and NYTimes' The Daily, I leave my car more informed, inspired, and entertained. (Warning: Political podcasts can occasionally stress you out so be prepared with happy music to sing along to as backup.)" -Shelby Wax, Associate Editor