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Shop It Now: The Scout Regalia Bicycle

This post was written by guest contributor Jess Chamberlain, a Seattle-based writer whose love of good design is second only to her passion for environmentally friendly—and locavore—living. Look for her #MadeInAmerica posts all month on our blog.

(Scout Regalia Bicycle, $3900)

Finally, a bike so beautiful even space-challenged urbanites won't mind having to store it in a cramped living room. Designed by Los Angeles-based Scout Regalia, each element of this beauty is handmade to order by David Wilson of Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles in Philadelphia. Drawing inspiration from the mixte bike, the English/Dutch town bike, and the mountain bike, The Scout Regalia Bicycle is as practical as it is stylish. Even cargo is carfeully considered: The rear rack is integrated into the frame and the front rack is attached to the frame—but not to the fork—to keep your goods steady around every turn.

In addition to amenities like fenders, a double leg kickstand, and lights, each bike comes standard with beautiful features like a leather saddle, cork grips, and a brass bell. And yes, those rad rear saddle bags by Denver's Winter Session are available for purchase too. (And look forward to more attachments like a handlebar mounted bag, an under seat pocket, and a utility pouch coming out this fall!) Get the whole look here.

(Photos courtesy Scout Regalia)
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