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Wish We Were Here: Purobeach Toscana

Sobering thought: there are less than 50 days of summer left in the year. So I'm officially kicking my vacation state of mind into high gear. And while the season has been pretty good to me thus far, I haven't had one purely hedonistic, cocktail-in-hand, sprawl-on-a-white-daybed-and-watch-the-boats-glide-by experience yet. Which brings me to this edition of the Monday Design Daydream: Purobeach Toscana.

For those who think of Tuscany and picture quaint stone villas, rolling hills, and cypress-lined gravel paths, there is another side—the coast—to that much-romanticized region of Italy. And it's here, at the exclusive harbor of Marina di Scarlino, that Leonardo Ferragamo (son of Salvatore) set his beach club.  

Granted, this isn't so much about the actual design as it is about the languorous setting: white on white shade sails and sunbeds, bleached Balinese wood decking, a pool that's the perfect size for people-watching. And, of course, a plethora of outdoor sofas for stretching out gracefully after a meal, a limoncello cocktail within arm's reach.

The 32 one- and two-bedroom suites pick up on the same muted, neutral shades that dominate outdoors, which allow the hits of blue to really pop. Crisp sheets call out to you after a day of boat parties, and capacious closets can easily stow a socialite's travel wardrobe.

(Photos courtesy of Purobeach Toscana)Still, who are we kidding? The pool and sea are the main event. Simple, straightforward, and inherently glamorous, Purobeach Toscana may not be the most intricately designed hotel out there, but it sure does the trick on a warm summer's day.

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