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The Best Design Shows To Stream On Netflix Today

Netflix may not have the big-name HGTV shows, but there are tons of hidden gems for those who love home design.

Courtesy of Netflix.

When you catch the interior design bug, all you want to do is watch  home renovation shows — all the time. But what if you don't have Hulu for Fixer Upper, HGTV for Property Brothers, or Prime Video for Flip or Flop? One option is to branch out and sign up for some new subscription services. (And unfortunately, that's an expensive solution.) The other option is to check out the best design shows on Netflix.

Here's why that's probably a better choice: In recent years, Netflix has moved away from licensing other companies' expensive content and is instead focusing on creating its own. Netflix Originals span across different genres and are some of the most popular series in the world. When it comes to home design, Netflix might not have the big-name series you've come to know and love — but it's been working hard to create its own quality shows. The platform has also procured lesser-known series from other production companies, and in our opinion, they're the hidden gems of the TV design world. 

In other words, the hard part isn't finding Netflix design shows — it's picking a single one to start watching today. With plenty of great topics to choose from (including organization, tiny living, construction competitions, and dramatic reality TV), you won't have any shortage of entertainment for the next several months. In fact, you might just cut the cable altogether. 

For your browsing convenience, we've organized 13 great home design shows into four comprehensive categories: dream homes, reality TV and competitions, minimalism, and travel. They're sure to scratch that creative itch — and, since they're all available on Netflix, you can start streaming them right this second (assuming you have a Netflix account, that is). 

Dream Homes

Amazing Interiors

Amazing Interiors drives home the idea that you can't judge a book by its cover. The houses look relatively ordinary from the outside — but on the inside, you'll find incredible wall-to-ceiling artwork, aquariums you can scuba dive in, extreme monochromatic color schemes, and entire homes dedicated to specific sports teams. The show follows people who are in the process of building their unique interiors, as well as houses that have already been constructed. Either way, you'll be amazed by the creativity and jaw-dropping designs. 

The 13 Best Design Shows To Stream On Netflix Today
Courtesy of Netflix.

The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

It began as a BBC miniseries but was eventually picked up by Netflix. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes is hosted by property developer Caroline Quentin and award-winning architect Piers Taylor, who travel the world to stay in some of the most incredible homes you'll ever see. Some of them are located in extreme environments while others are expertly built, but either way, once you finish this series, you'll have a newfound appreciation for architecture

Grand Designs

Here's one for the aspiring builder: Grand Designs is a British television show that first aired in 1999, but you can check out nearly 20 of its 200 episodes on Netflix. In addition to historical buildings and unique interior designs, it features intricate projects that prove humans can thrive just about anywhere. If you've ever wanted to live in a castle, a boat house, a church, a barn, a shipping container, or a cave, this series will show you how to pull it off.  

Reality TV & Competitions

The 13 Best Design Shows To Stream On Netflix Today
Courtesy of Netflix.

Sunset Selling

For those who love competition, romance, and mind-blowing mansions, Selling Sunset is definitely binge-worthy. This show follows the top realtors at The Oppenheim Group, a billion-dollar real estate firm in Los Angeles, California. Since it navigates the agents' professional and personal lives, it's teeming with drama — and judging by the fact that it was renewed for a third season, viewers can't look away. 

Interior Design Masters

If you liked Trading Spaces, you'll probably adore BBC's Interior Design Masters. Talented yet inexperienced, 10 designers compete to win a life-changing contract to design a London hotel bar. Each week, they have a brand new challenge that involves redesigning all kinds of commercial and residential buildings and presenting their creations to the judges. 

The Apartment

In this show, a group of amateurs showcase their interior design and renovation skills while competing to win a luxury apartment. Sounds pretty basic, right? Throw in stressful challenges, braving the elements, and dramatic relationships, and suddenly it's not so basic anymore. Currently, Netflix has Season 4, which features celebrity singers, actors, chefs, and models who compete to donate $100,000 to charity. 

The 13 Best Design Shows To Stream On Netflix Today
Courtesy of Netflix.

Queer Eye: More Than A Makeover

More than a decade after the original series went off the air, Netflix rebooted Queer Eye with all new members of the Fab 5 — and this time, it's not just about makeovers. Yes, the show has beauty tips and fashion advice, but it also focuses on culture, lifestyle, and design while remaining hilarious and emotional. If you want to watch someone transform alongside their home, this is the show to watch. 


The 13 Best Design Shows To Stream On Netflix Today
Courtesy of Netflix.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

While it's not exactly interior design, you can't talk about minimalism without talking about this show. Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing consultant and creator of the Konmari method, teaches her clients how to scale down on clutter, organize everything from closets to garages, and keep only the things that genuinely spark joy. Fair warning, though: It's so inspiring, you might just pause it and get organizing mid-episode. 

Tiny House Nation

More and more people are realizing they don't need a huge house (and tons of debt) to live comfortably. In other words, they're "downsizing their space to upgrade their lives." Tiny House Nation features renovator John Weisbarth and tiny house expert Zack Giffin; the two help individuals, couples, and families scale down to just 500 square feet so they can focus on more important things. The tiny home lifestyle never looked so appealing.

How to Live Mortgage Free

English property guru Sarah Beeny shows UK residents how to pay off their mortgages in just a few years — or avoid a home loan altogether. Teaming up with an award-winning architect and an innovative designer, Beeny helps people build their dream homes on a budget. She also shares tips and tricks to help you live minimally, save space, and get out of debt for good. 


The 13 Best Design Shows To Stream On Netflix Today
Courtesy of Netflix.

Stay Here

Have you ever wanted to own an Airbnb or a vacation rental? In Netflix's Stay Here, designer Genevieve Gorder and realty expert Peter Lorimer travel around the globe to show home owners what they're doing right with their income properties — and what they're doing wrong. It has just about everything (building ideas, budgeting tips, marketing advice, and incredible destinations), so if you plan on being a landlord one day, this is the show to watch.

Instant Hotel

This one's technically a competition show, but due to the rental home theme and the gorgeous Australian setting, it fits into the travel category. These couples rent out their homes as vacation income properties, but are they as high-end and luxurious as the owners seem to think? While rating other couples' homes out of 10, they compete to see whose instant hotel is worthy of the price and title. 

Cabins In The Wild

This mini-series follows engineer Dick Strawbridge and craftsman William Hardie. Together, they travel across the UK to meet the designers of eight incredible cabins. When finished, the cabins are transported hundreds of miles to create a pop-up hotel in Snowdonia, Wales — which actually hosted tourists after production.