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See It Now: Decorative Carpets's Graffiti Rug Collection

Decorative Carpets graffiti collection | Lonny.com
(Tattoo and contemporary artist Donovan Faulkner at work.)
Anyone who thinks designer rugs are the farthest things from street clearly hasn’t seen the latest collection from Decorative Carpets. The three-generation-strong Los Angeles brand recently commissioned tattoo and contemporary artist Donovan Faulkner to create a series of designs whose eye-catching motifs hark back to his tagging days.

In this 20-second sequence, Faulkner—whose tattoo clients include Téa Leoni and Whoopi Goldberg—outlines the bold features of a woman’s face that expresses his own gypsy spirit.
Decorative Carpets graffiti collection | Lonny.comThe Graffiti Rug Collection will be displayed in the windows of the company’s West Hollywood showroom through mid-October; proceeds from sales will benefit the Heart of Los Angeles youth community center and the Lady Between the Lines Los Angeles Art Foundation.

Photography and video sequence © Manolo Langis.
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