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Monday Design Daydream: Hotel Verhaegen

My pick for most underrated city in northern Europe? That would be Ghent, in northern Belgium. With its cobblestoned streets and medieval treasures, it's rich in history and atmosphere, yet it's also a university town with a vibrant youth culture—not to mention a killer art and design scene. But here's the most compelling reason to go: the four-bedroom Hotel Verhaegen, one of the most romantic places to stay in the world.
Let's start with the setting: an 18th-century hôtel particulier that once belonged to a baroness. (Note the box parterres above.) Owners and interior designers Marc Vergauwe and Jan Rosseel did a pitch-perfect job of restoring the house and grounds without making them feel like a historical stage set.
Each of the four guest rooms has its own unique appeal and furnishings style. The colors, fabrics, and textures are all chosen with an eye to enhancing the architectural details in a lush yet contemporary way.In the breakfast salon, herringbone-wood floors, boiserie, and gilded details provide a sumptuous way to start the day.
(Photos courtesy of Hotel Verhaegen)

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