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The Old is New

My great-tia Gabi's hand-me-down table linens


Grape Scallop Boutis Tablecloth from Williams-Sonoma

I recently survived a hefty move to my new fifth-floor apartment. No elevator, but who needs it when you have a rockin’ mom to help you out? I’ve taken my roommate’s advice and have started dancing up the stairs. It enlivens the hallway and transforms something dreaded into something silly.

Needless to say, the act eases the burn, and has even inspired my first official gathering. No need to go into depth, but let’s just say the music will be strictly Latin. I’ll be serving cocktails of grapefruit and rum in honor of my late Tio Lin, and arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) straight from my mother’s recipe.

As for the decorating aspect, I tend to follow these few guidelines for guest gatherings:

  1. If an outdoor space is accessible, use it. Everyone enjoys a bit of fresh air.
  2. Create a palette that’s clean and interesting. Highlight your use of patterns with solid color napkins or a white tablecloth.
  3. Leave room for spontaneity. If your favorite flowers aren’t available or you suddenly notice an unbearable stain on your chosen linens, there’s no need to panic. Opt for second choices, you have them for a reason.

Pictured above are tablecloths, napkins, and placemats handed down from my great-tia Gabriela. Which ones I’ll choose to use for the party hard to say, but to accompany them, I’m tempted to purchase this beautiful tablecloth from William Sonoma… for this occasion and the many to come.

Posted by: Isa Salazar

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