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A Valentine's Day Gift Guide... For the Dudes in your Life

The Valentines Day Wish List in the latest issue of Lonny is the perfect spread to casually leave open on the computer where a certain someone is destined to see it. You know who we’re talking about. He’s the guy who makes coffee runs on particularly cold Saturday mornings, remembers exactly how you take it (cream, two sugars) and lets you borrow his Smiths tee-shirt. He makes you laugh, calls you beautiful, and always lets you eat the last spring roll.

In the snapshot above, taken by Karl-Edwin Guerre of Swagger 360, Ty Shaw looks like a modern day Cupid with a really rad bike. We think he’d agree that whether its puppy love or true love, the perfect Valentines Day gift is thoughtful and sweet without being saccharine.

So rather than simply picking things we’d like to give, we worked hard to find gifts that any guy would want. After all, there’s no better way to show your love than with something you know he’ll want to keep forever.

P.S. What do you usually do for Valentines Day? Do you favor a romantic candlelit dinner out or do you boycott it and watch sappy movies with friends? We’re all ears. Tell us in the comments what you’re planning.

1. Photo of Ty Shaw, taken by Karl-Edwin Guerre of Swagger 360 | 2. Painted Ties: $125, Partners & Spade | 3. Michters 10 Year Old Bourbon: $74.99, BevMo! | 4. AL180CASA L-180AMVV-1J Casio Batteryless Solar Stainless Steel Digital Watch: $78, American Apparel | 5. Brooks B68 Men's Aged Brown Laced Leather Bike Saddle: $125.93, Bikewagon | 6. IN GOD WE TRUST Customizable Brass Lighter: $30, Refinery29 Boutiques | 7. 1 Year Subscription to Rolling Stone: $19.97, Amazon | 8. Visol "Sheen" Mirror Finish Genuine Pewter 5oz Hip Flask: $59.95, eFlasks | 9. 1.5R Radio/Alarm in Natural Walnut: $199, Vers |

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