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Spotlight: 1000Museums

When searching for the best museum gift shops, we came across 1000Museums, a site of archived prints from various museums around the world. It’s an affordable place for museum-quality prints, and, despite the extensive archive, it’s incredibly easy to use. You can search by artist, museum, collection, and style. The prints are sourced from the original artworks hanging in each museum, meaning “there is no way to get a more accurate and representative reproduction of the original art.” So now you can collect like Peggy Guggenheim on a poster budget.

Robert Motherwell "Elegy to the Spanish Republic, No. 110": $19 - $119 | Hans Hofmann "Provincetown": $19 - $119 | Mark Rothko "Orange, Brown, 1963": $19 - $119 | Henri Matisse "Seated Nude, Viewed from Behind": $19 - $119 | Paul Cezanne "Four Apples": $19 - $119 |

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