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Designer Visions: House Beautiful/Factory Girl

Last week, we got the chance to preview the Designer Visions: Cinema Style residences at 1212 Fifth Avenue. The editors in chief of House Beautiful, Town & Country, and VERANDA teamed up with renowned interior designers Heather Moore, Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, and Thomas O’Brien to create three luxury spaces inspired by the films of their choice.

Check back throughout the week to take a virtual tour of each apartment and read Q&As with the designers.

Q+A with Heather Moore:

What compelled you to pick Factory Girl as your inspiration?

I wanted to honor the memory of our founder, Jed Johnson, as he was the long-term companion of Andy Warhol and he knew Edie Sedgwick from The Factory. All three died tragically, and this was to honor them.

What was the hardest part of translating it into a space? How did you go about designing it?

Once I picked the movie, the process came together rather quickly. I immediately put my mind into the pop culture of the ’60s, bringing in rich color and fabrics; iconic art (Warhol flowers above the sofa, James Nares above the sideboard, LED Art Light Books); and mid-century furnishings.

How was this project different or similar to your normal design process?

It was fast paced with a quick completion date. I made myself the client.

Could you see yourself living in a space like this?

I could absolutely see myself living in this 1212 Fifth Avenue apartment. When you enter the space, you know it is a wonderful environment with unexpected surprises.

How can readers apply that in their own homes?

Take chances with color and texture.

Can you talk about layering, whether of color, texture, or furniture?

A designer needs color, texture, and furniture to make the design interesting and inviting. It does not happen with just one aspect.

What's your favorite piece and why? Where did it come from?

Eva chairs in the living room. They were designed by Kerstin Horlin Holmqvist from Sweden in the 1950s, and they were so graciously loaned to me by Kim Hostler from Hostler Burrows.

Aside from the movie's characters, what sort of people do you imagine living in this space?

This is an upwardly mobile working couple with one child. They love to entertain and have a deep appreciation of the aesthetic.

You were working with a relatively small space here; what’s your favorite tip for small-space living?

The apartment is about 1,800 square feet, I believe, but the media room/second bedroom is small. Small spaces feel larger when painted with a dark color. The Ralph Lauren Arrow Wood Suede paint, which is a light chocolate brown, makes the space feel larger and cozier.

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