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How-To: Mirrored Tile

Loved the mirrored wall from Lisa Sherry's home? Read below to learn how the designer achieved this look. 

1. Measure the desired size of your mirrored wall so you know how many mirror tiles to purchase. Boxes of 12' x 12' tiles can be found at most big-box home stores. You can choose between plain and antiqued mirror.

2. Measure the amount of trim you want to go around the perimeter of the mirror—this will serve as the frame for the mirror.

3. Use liquid nails to apply the mirror tiles directly to the wall to achieve a built-in look. You can also apply the tiles to plywood first and then hang the plywood on the wall.

4. Allow 24 hours for the tiles to dry. In the meantime, cut and prime your trim.

5. Nail your trim pieces so they slightly overlap the edge of the mirror tiles to create the frame.

6. Paint the trim your desired color.

7. If you wish, you can use studs, buttons, or other decorative details to add interest in the corners where the mirror tiles meet.

8. Complete!

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