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Of the Moment: Neon

We were never particularly excited by the periodic table of elements back in high school chemistry class. Flash forward a couple of years and we can’t stop talking about the 10th element. As Carolina Engman’s stunning photogaph demonstrates, a little bit of neon goes a long way. Neon’s futuristic flair is guaranteed to add vibrancy to any space and lucky for us, this electrifying element looks good in any hue. In celebration of neon, we’ve highlighted our top fluorescent finds. Enjoy!

1. Photo by Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad, Pants by Jil Sander | 2. Sinclair Pendant Lamp: $867, Northern Icon | 3. Tom Binns Hand-Painted Swarovski Crystal Bracelet: $440, Net-a-Porter | 4. Cosabella® for J.Crew Ceylon Soft Bra in Neon Coral: $48, J.Crew | 5. Kartell LCP Lounge Chair: $2175, Velocity Art and Design | 6. Jimmy Choo Daphne leopard-print clutch: $448.50, Net-a-Porter | 7. Neon Arches Throw Pillow: $65, NightByrd | 8. Illamasqua "Underworld" Lipstick: $22, Sephora |

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