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Pet Portraits

When we saw the pet portraits by photographer Charity De Meer, we were reminded of the iconic photographs by Elliott Erwitt, whose pet portraits, shot from the owner’s waist down, display an obvious sense of humor. De Meer shoots commissioned pet portraits; you may recognize her work from the J.Crew blog. Recently, similarly styled pet portraits have been popping up on street-style blogs. We were so inspired that we decided to shoot our own, so we took a walk around our New York City neighborhood, bringing along Ellie’s dog, Bambi (an office regular), and Alex’s dog, Olive. Click through for our pet portraits and check back later today for a roundup of our favorite pet accessories. If you’d like to commission your own pet portrait, contact Charity De Meer.

Inspiration photos courtesy of Elliott Erwitt, Charity de Meer for J.Crew, and Another Mag.

Lonny photos by Brittany Ambridge.

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