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Trend Alert: Oceans Aplenty

If an ocean getaway isn’t in your budget, we might have the next-best thing. We can’t offer you that crisp briny air or the sound of crashing waves, but we’ve culled a collection of sea-inspired products to remind you of the ocean’s bounty. Combing our favorite sites, we found everything from sea glass to shells, lobster to coral. While we love their decorative purpose, most of these items do double duty, functioning as paperweights, bookends, bowls, and chandeliers. The ebb and flow of color is especially appealing; ranging from the soft and subtle shimmer of the Cabebe Shell Dish to the bold and bright coral pieces, there’s something for everyone.

1. Stray Dog table lamp: $149, West Elm | 2. Cotton voile kerchief: $38, Chance | 3. Coral reef bowl: $127, Clayton Gray Home | 4. Blue and green sea glass 4x4 photograph: $10, Quercus Design | 5. Coral bookends: $365, Spisani | 6. Gold Nautilus shell: $45, Jayson Home & Garden | 7. Silver starfish: $18, Belongings | 8. Giselle faux red coral branch mirror: $425-$1875, Clayton Gray Home

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