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Party Essentials

1. Cotton Placemats on a Tear-Off Roll of 12, $39-49 | 2. The Blackberry Farm Cookbook, $60 | 3. Dustpan, $22 and Brush, $20 in "Woodgrain" | 4. Greek Key Matchbox, $14 | 5. Georg Jensen Cocktail Set Carafe, $210 | 6. Lina Leather Folding Chair, $150 | 7. Paperless Post "Snakeskin" Invitation | 8. Set of 12 Clear-Cupped White Tealight Candles, $4.95 | 9. glassybaby votive, $40 |

There’s almost nothing better than the excitement that precedes the arrival of the first guests to your party; well, except for the party itself. But you know what we mean: the house is clean, you’re wearing something you love, and you’re expecting some of your favorite friends. So the last thing you want to do is spend the party digging around your kitchen drawers for matches. We’ve spent the holiday season refining our favorite party essentials so you’ll never find yourself in a pinch.

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The best part is that one lucky reader will WIN two glassybaby votives, which are one of our favorite ways to set the mood and add a bit of color to any party. Glassybabys are handmade by glass artisans in Seattle, where the company got its start in 1998 with a mission to give back. Since then, the company has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy causes through the sale of its “goodwill” colors. The winner will receive one glassybaby in the color bff, pictured above, and one in "Jane’s Caramel." Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of each bff votive are donated to help cancer patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, while ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of each Jane’s Caramel votive support the University of Washington School of Nursing.

Check out the revamped glassybaby website, where you can shop online, or visit one of the company’s stores, such as the newly opened location in New York City. TO ENTER TO WIN, become a fan of Lonny on Facebook and comment in this post with your username and make sure to read the rules and regulations. If you’re already a fan of Lonny on Facebook, simply leave your Facebook username in the blog comments. Good luck!

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