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Lather Up with Precious Stone Soaps From Haus Interior

Living in Manhattan, it sort of goes without saying that every room in my apartment is tiny—and the tiniest, of course, is the bathroom. So the few things that I have room to put in there (an interesting vase, colorful hand towels) have to be superlatively cool.

I'm always in the market for fun, pretty soaps, and these stunning ones from Haus Interior are now at the top of my list. Modeled after precious stones (these would fool guests into thinking they're Moonstone and Rhodochrocite), in gorgeously swirly colors, the vegetable glycerin-based products are so pretty that I may never use them to wash my hands. Method Fig + Rhubarb, your job is intact!

I can see it now—the latest craze in WC decorating: soap sculptures!
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