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Dorm Room Decor

Dorm life is often an exercise in small-space living. But just because your room is cramped and lit with fluorescents doesn’t mean it has to look bad. We’ve pulled together some practical suggestions for our collegiate readers. Because dorm rooms are traditionally low on square footage, make your storage solutions as aesthetically pleasing as possible. For example, use one ikat woven basket as a hamper and another to store your extra sheet set and towels (rolled nicely, of course). We added an outdoor rug because it’s easy to clean and the stripes are neutral enough that no roommate would object. Accessories are a perfect way to add punch to an otherwise dull space. These maps are actually pages of wrapping paper, but because they’re matte and printed on thick paper, you can tack them up on your wall using museum putty and no one will be able to tell. If nothing else, you’ll get an A+ on decor.

1. Hi-Light Task Lamp: $69; PB Teen | 2. Perfect Twist Poster: $50; Debbie Carlos | 3. Leopard Flannel Bedding: $32-$128; Garnet Hill | 4. Small Pinched Bowl: $24; Christen Maxwell | 5. Birmingham Woven Cotton Rug: from $30; Dash and Albert | 6. Ikat Woven Baskets: $39-$59; West Elm |

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