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Of the Moment: Chainlink

“You were never sure what was intentional and what wasn’t,” Frank Gehry has said of his use of chain link and other nontraditional building materials in The Gehry House. “You weren’t sure whether I meant it or not.... And I knew that the thing a lot of people hated or laughed at, was the magic.” Even if you’re not planning a major renovation à la Gehry, working with unexpected patterns is a surprisingly simple way to realize an interior that’s a touch jarring but still aesthetically pleasing. When chain link is isolated from its environment, the ubiquitous form takes on a new dimension, and the pattern is heightened. As the chain link sandals in Giambattista Valli's 2012 resort collection attest, the visual intensity of interlocking chains makes the utilitarian form increasingly urbane.

1. Chain Link Table Lamp: $275; Horchow | 2. Giambattista Valli Resort 2012 | 3. Chain Link Mirror: $799; Modern Dose | 4. Chain Square Drop Earrings: $300; Bergdorf Goodman | 5. St Kitts Exeter Road Pasta Bowl: $26; kate spade new york | 6. Railroad Spike Link Necklace: $315; Giles & Brother | 7. Chains Rug: $43 - $599; Rugs USA |

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