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Green Report: 10 Tips for Healthy Living

Summer is a time of excess (read: heat, lethargy, and ice cream). So, just in time for the transition to fall, we spoke to Dr. Penelope McDonnell, a naturopathic physician, who shared her tips for healthy living throughout the seasons. Naturopathic physicians attend a four-year medical school that follows the standard medical school curriculum but also includes acupuncture, herbology, counseling, chiropractic manipulation, and hydrotherapy. Naturopathy strives to provide a holistic approach to health, focusing on the cause of illness rather than treating the manifested symptoms. Click through for McDonnell’s advice, which is simple to follow and widely applicable. Here’s to a healthy and happy fall.

Dr. McDonnell works in New York City and Connecticut. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with her, please e-mail her at drmcdonnell@naturopathicpartners.com

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