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Holiday Style: Savannah Story Ornaments

We were instantly smitten when we found out about these Savannah Story Ornaments from Anthropologie. They’re handmade in Haiti out of repurposed cement bags covered in vintage book pages, so not only do they support Haiti’s economic development, they’re eco friendly too.

At this time of the year, they’d look great on a Christmas tree; but for a year round look, remove the string, and place one atop a stack of books on your coffee table. Here’s to yet another example that environmental sustainability doesn’t have to come at the cost of great design!

1. Savannah Story Ornament, Rhino, $9.60 | 2. Savannah Story Ornament, Giraffe, $9.60 | 3. Savannah Story Ornament, Zebra, $9.60 | 4. Savannah Story Ornament, Elephant, $9.60 |

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