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Wedding Registry: Tech Accessories

Do you want an iPad for your pad? What about a new camera for your honeymoon? Or a digital picture frame or wireless speakers that can easily be moved to a new home down the line? Take inventory of your technology, and figure out what you’d like for your new life together. This is a great time to ask for these items and a perfect opportunity for groups of friends to pool their resources to buy you something you’ll really use.

-Written by Susan Fredman

1. Western Electric 302 phone with Brass Trim: $279.95, Old Phone Works | 2. Kalorik Barbecue Grill with Radio and iPod connection: $338.09, Amazon.com | 3. BeoSound8 iPod/iPhone speaker base in white: $999, Bang & Olufsen | 4. Pentax Digital SLR camera with 2.7” LCD and 18-55mm lens: $490, Amazon | 5. Numbers clock by Jonas Damon: $100, MoMA Store |

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