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Of the Moment: Skull & Bones Deux

Sometimes less really is more, but too much of a good thing is never bad. When searching for products for our recent “Of the Moment: Skull and Bones” post, we were overwhelmed by the multitude of great options. Since we simply couldn’t fit all our finds in one post, we decided to bring them back for another round.

1. Large brass skull: $195, D.L. & Co. | 2. Skull with Mandible candle: $90, D.L. & Co. | 3. Skull tapestry cushion: $675, Alexander McQueen | 4. Bronze skull lamp: $2,600, Blackman Cruz Workshop | 5. For the Love of God: The Making of the Diamond Skull by Damien Hirst: $28.09, Amazon | 6. Gold delft skull journal: $15, D.L. & Co. | 7. Mother of Pearl Skull Tray: $195, D.L. & Co.

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