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Word From the Team: Sick Day

It's that time of year again: flu signs are popping up in drugstores, commuters avoid getting too close on the train, and subway riders think twice before putting a hand on that questionably greasy pole.

Yet despite the miserable colds, flus, and god knows what else that are upon us, part of me is a little excited for the inevitable sick day. There is something so precious about spending the day at home, under the covers, without the slightest obligation except to relax and watch back-to-back reruns of Dawson's Creek. With the right essentials, sick days can be spent enjoying the comforts of a cozy home. A good chaise, a warm throw, the softest robe, and perhaps you'll agree that a healthy dose of good design could be all it takes to start feeling better.

1. Gretel 1789 Cup and Saucer, $25 | 2. Missoni Hector Throws, $410 each | 3. Ultra Luxe Brueton Chrome and Silk Chenille Day Bed (Sold - find similar one here) | 4. "Help, I Have an Aching Body Pack", $4 | 5. Flannel Hottie Cover, $30 | 6. Arlotta Short Wrap Hoodie, $390 |

Posted by Kari Costas

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