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Shop This Now: Studio Joo From Brooklyn Makers

As much as I like to grump about the neverending car ride in soul-sucking traffic that awaits me on this, the most American of holidays, the fact remains that I love the Fourth of July. Call it the naturalized American in me, but one day a year spent rah-rahing about the best of our country (DOMA's repeal, anyone?) seems like a fair tradeoff to me.
And on that note, while we prepare to kick off our Made in America shopping series next week, I'm going to celebrate the Fourth in hyper-local fashion: by treating myself to one of these gorgeous ceramics (like this bowl of unglazed porcelain with an abstract fireworks motif?) by artist Elaine Tian of Studio Joo.
Tian (pictured above) lives in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, which is not all that far from my own neck of the woods. I love the meditative, wabi-sabi quality of her works and their infinitely tactile nature; the mesmerizing simplicity of her designs is visually addictive. I think I could spend a whole afternoon happily cupping this beauty below in my hands and chanting a yogic mantra.
(Photos courtesy of Studio Joo and Brooklyn Makers Shop)My favorite part? Studio Joo is carried on Brooklyn Makers, a curated online collection of Kings County artisan wares. Because few things make me happier than discovering (and supporting) my talented neighbors, and really, isn't that what being American is all about? Rah rah. Happy Fourth of July, everybody.
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