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Home by The Selby: A Curated Collection for Svbscription

Curation is the new black in this digital age, with more and more outlets for virtual tastemakers to shine. Svbscription, a new service that sources exclusive products and experiences for discerning men—past editions have focused on travel, study, and leisure—has translated that talent from the digital to the physical realm with their latest offering, a box set curated by photographer and blogger extraordinaire, Todd Selby of The Selby.

(Photo courtesy Todd Selby)"An eye for design and aesthetic sensibility make The Selby a natural partner for overseeing the creative direction and collaboration process," said Svbscription's Andrew Apostola. The resulting parcel includes five unique items developed in collaboration with The Selby's global network of friends and confidantes. Selby's contribution, a recipe box, is stocked with contributions from chefs Eric Ripert and Alice Waters, among others.

(Photo courtesy Todd Selby)
The parcel includes a magazine that provides supplementary content—bios and background information that fleshes out who the creators are and what they do. The 500 parcels start shipping internationally July 1st and are available in limited editions—a deluxe version is already sold out.
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