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Love Where You Live: A New Book Highlights Stunning Country Interiors

(All images © John Gruen)
In the throes of a particularly hot Manhattan summer, many city-dwellers dream of escaping to the beach. Me? I'm all about the country. While I love surf and sand as much as the next girl, I dream of rustic barns, exposed-beam kitchens, and pergola-shaded picnic tables on a near-daily basis. So imagine my glee when I was approached by the lovely, bespectacled interiors maven Joan Osofsky (best known for her dual-location home store, Hammertown Barn) at this month's NY Now Gift Fair with tales of her new book: "Love Where You Live: At Home in the Country."

Published by Rizzoli and written in collaboration with author Abby Adams, the coffee table topper features eighteen properties in the Hudson Valley and around New England that embody Osofsky's three tenets of a great country home: "Good design, a relaxed lifestyle, and an authentic sense of place."

Far from the heavy fabrics and low-slung ceilings long associated with rural living, the homes in these pages prove that country style can encompass contemporary dressings and airy, loft-like spaces.

The secret to achieving a layered, homey look without sacrificing your well-honed, individual sense of style? "No clutter, just a mix of beautiful, original, and interesting things," says Osofsky.

Flipping through the pages of this gorgeous design tome, I'm more resolved than ever that I'm a country girl—and that there are infinite, big-city-worthy ways in which to interpret down-home chic.
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