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Taken back by Seashells


 Natural Shell Dish, $24, Jayson Home & Garden


Cabebe Shell Dish, $44, Jayson Home & Garden

Growing up, my grandparents lived on the coast of the Gulf in Siesta Key, Florida. Every spring break we packed up and headed south, and I blame these visits for my inexhaustible love affair with both the ocean and the beach in general. Last weekend I stepped into Jayson Home & Garden in Chicago (you might remember us covering them in our June/July issue) and came across these shell dishes sitting modestly amongst their glorious collection of merchandise. My toes were instantly in the sand again, the salt water curling my hair, the tip of my nose turning a slight crimson from a resistance to sunscreen. I love them! Now if only the sound of the ocean would pour out of these shells like I swear they did when I was a kid…

Posted by: Shawn Gauthier

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