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The 16 Best Outdoor Rugs For 2020

Expand your living space with these 16 outdoor rugs; they're classy, colorful, and capable of braving the elements.

Are you getting the most out of your outdoor space? When comfortable and well-decorated, your porch, patio, or deck can feel almost like an extension of your indoor living area — and this space can be just as useful, weather-permitting. The best outdoor rugs serve to tie your retreat together and help it to look (and feel) so much cozier. That said, not all outdoor rugs are created equal, and when choosing the right one, color and style shouldn't be the only factors on your mind.

First thing's first: A rug for your yard or deck needs to be made out of the right materials. Most outdoor area rugs are created from synthetic fabrics (like nylon, polypropylene, or polyester), which can handle getting wet without turning into a sopping wad of moisture and mildew. Still, water's not the only element that your rug will need to endure.

Because of the UV rays, sunlight can actually break down dyes in the fabric, which will cause colors to fade over time. That said, some rugs are colorfast; this means that, because the hues are part of the fibers rather than produced by an external dye, they'll resist fading in the presence of sunlight. If your rug of choice is particularly vivid (and you'd like to keep it that way), check to make sure that it can handle the rays long-term. 

Finally, you should consider the techniques that the manufacturers used to create the rug. Construction can make all the difference because it'll determine how durable your rug is, as well as how well it stands up to traffic. Flat-weave rugs are typically best for outdoors; they can be hand-woven or made on a machine, but either way, the tight fibers and lack of pile make them great for enduring moisture and high-traffic areas. Rugs with fluffy piles, on the other hand, will absorb dirt and water, so those are best kept inside. 

Not sure where to find a great outdoor rug for your space? We've found 16 of the best options the internet has to offer. Whether you're decorating your tropical poolside deck or your rustic cabin porch, these gorgeous, durable rugs are sure to tie the whole space together.

The Best Overall Pick: Kulpmond Hand-Braided Rug

With well over 3,000 reviews, buyers are pretty thrilled with the Kulpmond braided rug — so thrilled, in fact, that they've opted to place this pick in just about every space imaginable, both inside and out. Buyers "love the natural feel," but despite the fact that it's cozy enough for the bedroom and formal enough for the dining room, the polypropylene fabric and braided construction also make it an ideal choice for your porch or deck. 

Thanks to the neutral grays and soft whites, this area rug will blend with a monochromatic color scheme and compliment rooms with brighter accents. That said, it offers one thing that most outdoor rugs don't: texture. Whether you choose the runner, the rectangle, the round, or the oval, the hand-braided rows and quarter-inch pile add some depth to your floors and help to scale the room. This pick is available in a huge selection of sizes (23, to be exact), and you can even get it in light blue and ivory, too. 

Last but not least, there's the price, which is pretty darn reasonable — especially considering the durability and longevity in high-traffic areas. Even when you opt for the largest size, which is 10 by 14 feet, this rug comes in at under $700. 

Wade Logan Kulpmond Hand-Braided 7'6" by 9'6" Rug, $346, AllModern


The Most Budget-Friendly Buy: Harldson Outdoor Rug

Available in both a natural beige and an aqua blue, this outdoor rug is our top pick for the best budget-friendly buy. It comes in three rectangular sizes — a five-by-seven, a nine-by-12, and a ten-by-14 — but the largest size comes in at under $630. (Thanks to Wayfair's affirm financing option, you can even choose to pay for it in smaller intervals over a six-, 12, or 18-month period.) 

This rug is constructed from quality polypropylene and has a latex backing, which means it can handle moisture, dirt, and traffic. Its flat-weave, power-loom construction gives it a short pile, but the geometric pattern adds some contemporary depth to your outdoor sitting area. So far, this pick has a perfect five-star rating; reviewers say it looks "exactly like the pictures," and the "non-fading material" is an "excellent addition" to their patio. 

Mercer41 Harldson Outdoor Rug, $424, Wayfair


A Fair-Trade Outdoor Runner: Allison Outdoor Runner

Courtesy of Rejuvenation.

A runner is a long, narrow carpet designed for accentuation rather than full coverage, but they're rarely used outside of the house. Luckily, the Allison flatweave runner from Rejuvenation is here to change all that. This beautiful accent is woven with 100% recycled polyester in a Fair Trade Certified Indian factory. Still, despite its tiny footprint and minimized global impact, this piece will make a huge difference in your outdoor space. 

It can be used to guide your guests to a sitting area or make your entryway significantly more inviting. The pale colors and long fringe look a bit more traditional, but they're balanced out by the wide borders and Bohemian-like feel, which has taken the design world by storm

Allison Outdoor Flatweave 2'5" by 9' Runner, $149, Rejuvenation


Dark, Modern, & Moody: Capas Indoor-Outdoor Rug

Outdoor decor is typically associated with summer, which usually means bright colors and busy patterns. If you'd rather create a modern, moody space, skip those rules in lieu of brooding shades and unexpected, contemporary designs — like those used within the Capas indoor outdoor rug, for example. 

This piece was created by German designer Mathias Hahn, whose work is characterized by an "an intense examination of possible materials and manufacturing processes." As a result, this rug uses unique kilim-weaving techniques to distribute darker hues (like purples, grays, and browns) in surprising ways. Due to its lightweight construction and loose fibers, this rug is suitable for use both indoors and out, and it's available in three sizes for sitting areas and outdoor dining alike. 

Capas 6' by 9' Indoor-Outdoor Rug, $2,550, Design Within Reach


Goes With Everything: Longwood Woven Rug

"Simple" isn't only synonymous with "solid." You can opt for understated patterns that'll add some visual interest without monopolize the space. This Longwood rug from Urban Outfitters uses a small geometric print rather than a large, bold one, which can sometimes feel overwhelming (especially when you're decorating a smaller space). 

Thanks to its charming tassels and simple color scheme, this pick opts for a boho-inspired feel that's relaxed instead of flashy. Its hand-woven fabric is made from 100 percent recycled PET, which not only puts old water bottles to use, but will serve as a resilient barrier against dirt and moisture. If it needs a good cleaning at the end of the season, you can just add some detergent, hose it off, and hang it out to dry. You can get this rug in six different rectangular sizes, and since it uses an all black-and-white pattern, it goes with virtually any decor

Urban Outfitters Longwood Woven 5' by 8' Rug, $259, Urban Outfitters


An Eye-Catching Accent: nuLOOM Rikki Braided Border Jute Rug - 8' Round

Neutral color palettes are an easy way to create earthy, zen-like spaces — and if you can't seem to stray from the tans and browns, that's okay. Simply add visual interest using shapes and textures instead.

The nuLOOM Rikki Braided Border Jute Rug uses faux-jute materials, so it can brave the elements on your deck, porch, or patio. Still, even though it's round (like most jute-inspired rugs), this is not your average design. The interior cut-outs emphasize circles and borders for an eye-catching, abstract accent. It adds warmth to a space while simultaneously drawing attention to the flooring underneath, whether that's a wooden deck or a concrete slab. This one is available in two sizes: 6 feet or 8 feet in diameter. 

nuLOOM Rikki Braided Border Jute Rug - 8' Round, $368.99, Kohl's


One Of 2020's Most Stylish Colors: Alston Burnt Orange Outdoor Rug

While 2019 was all about Millennial pink, burnt orange is on the rise for 2020 — and its popularity is really no surprise. This color is bold and beautiful, but since it mimics the canyons of Arizona or a mountain forest in autumn, it still adds an earthy, natural feel to your home. Laurel Foundry's Alston rug highlights the shade, but does so in a muted, subtle way that works indoors or out. Threads of beige, brown, and red help to break up the orange and give this rug a weathered, rustic feel

Since it's made from 100 percent polypropylene, this rug can stand up to sunlight and moisture as well as foot traffic. Reviewers also say it's "easy to clean," "lays flat," and "pulls all the furniture together" on a back porch or patio. (If you love the pattern but not the color, you can also get this rug in gray and camel. Each shade is available in four sizes.) 

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Alston 7'11" by 10'10" Outdoor Rug, $315, Wayfair


Simple, Soft, & Effortless: Tamarie Outdoor Rug

Ah, the elegant, clean appearance of a monochromatic color scheme. When in doubt, go for ivory and charcoal tones, like those used in the Tamarie outdoor rug. Thin, dark lines contrast thicker off-white tones for a subtle pop that goes with just about anything, from brightly colored lawn furniture to wooden dining sets.

While this rug is durable, eco-friendly, and extremely easy to care for (and can therefore handle moisture and sun), it has a PET yarn pile that gives the feel and appearance of an indoor rug. Consequently, it's a great way to add comfort to a poolside retreat or your morning coffee-drinking spot on the porch. "It is really soft, which surprised me for an indoor/outdoor rug," one reviewer raved. "It's also easy to wipe away or vacuum up dirt."

Tamarie Outdoor 5' by 8' Rug, $355, Lulu & Georgia


A Reversible, Boho-Chic Rug: Reflected Diamonds Outdoor Rug

As previously discussed, the modern bohemian trend is still in full swing, which is why this Reflected Diamonds rug is a top pick for 2020. Clean, geometic patterns and cozy tassels combine to create a piece that's equal parts elegant and whimsical. Since it's available in nine sizes and seven different colors (gray, slate blue, teal, red, yellow, light blue, and platinum), it meshes well with just about any area and decor.

 This piece is hand-woven using recycled polyester, which is resistant to moisture and damage from high-traffic — and it's a quarter-inch thick for comfort, but still won't shed. Last but not least, it's one of the few outdoor rugs that's reversible, meaning you can flip it over to switch things up. (The back side features a subtle striped design, in case you love the color options, but not the diamond patterning.) 

Reflected Diamonds 5' by 8' Outdoor Rug, $599, West Elm


If You Love The Ombre Look: Ombre Pop Outdoor Rug

Hair, nails, textiles, painting techniques — like it or not, ombre is everywhere you look. For those who love it, there's the Ombre pop outdoor rug from West Elm. Yellows, blacks, blues, beiges, and the occasional coral blend together into stripes of varying thicknesses to create a unique rug that can instantly take a space from prosaic to playful. 

Hand-woven from only recycled polyester, this piece is durable, shed-resistant, and great for high-traffic areas. (That means it makes an ideal accent for everyone's favorite gathering spot: the porch.) It comes in five rectangular sizes to choose from. 

Ombre Pop Outdoor 9' by 12' Rug, $699, West Elm


Looks Like It Belongs Indoors: Market Fringe Floor Mat

As previously discussed, outdoor rugs shouldn't have significant piles, because more pile means more fabric to harbor dirt, moisture, and mildew. That said, the Chilewich Market Fringe rug looks like it actually belongs indoors. That's because the subtle variations in color make this rug look like it has a substantial, fluffy pile — not to mention the all-around tassels, which are an easy way to add a lived-in, bohemian feel to your space. Last but definitely not least, this piece is woven from vinyl yarns, which are soft and cozy, but still resistant to germs thanks to an anti-microbial treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria. 

You can purchase this rug in two sizes and three colors, including Quartz, Pacific, and Sangria. All of them feature the texture, warmth, and softness you'll need to make your outdoor space a little homier.  

Chilewich Market Fringe Floor Mat, $300, Lumens


The Eco-Friendly Pick: Oxford Stripe Recycled Rug

Courtesy of Pottery Barn.

If you're going for coastal, classy, and eco-friendly, look no further than the Oxford Stripe rug from Pottery Barn. Thanks to this store's environmental commitment, they're constantly expanding their selection of rugs and textures that are made from recycled PET, which is created using old water bottles, packing material, and food containers. Instead of ending up in a landfill, this material is used for a gorgeous, durable area rug that ties in your beachy theme. 

Hand-woven and yarn-dyed, this pick is both foot-friendly and capable of handling lots of traffic. It features only off-white and navy blue, but the different-sized stripes help this rug to look a lot more intricate than it really is. In other words, it'll look like you painstakingly obsessed over the minute details, but in reality, this pick is a no-brainer that'll tie in virtually all shades of blues, browns, and grays. 

Oxford Stripe Recycled Rug, $67, Pottery Barn


Woven, Earthy Tones: Alaia Outdoor Rug

When striving to achieve a modern, earthy aesthetic, you should be looking for pieces that combine texture, clean lines, and a neutral palette. Design experts have called "greige" the "best neutral color ever" because it marries two of the most versatile hues in decorating. Since it helps to mute the undertones of both gray and beige, it's also capable of warming up cooler tones and cooling down warmer ones.

The Alaia outdoor rug does all of the aforementioned while remaining resistant to weather, spills, and regular use. No wonder reviewers are saying, "I'm thinking about ordering another one to go under the breakfast table area." 

Because it's machine-woven from polypropylene and has a low, earthy pile, this rug compliments all the natural aspects of your outdoor space. The color and simple bordering will blend well with dark woods as well as light ones, so no matter your preferred style of patio furniture,  you can tie everything together in a cozy sitting area. It's even UV-protected, so you can expect the same easy-to-match greige for years to come.  

Alaia 7'10" by 10' Outdoor Rug, $121, AllModern


The Best Outdoor Persian Rug: Imani Outdoor Rug

Persian rugs have been around for centuries, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, interior designers are just finding new ways to use them in a space, and outdoor placement is one of said ways. Cue the Imani rug, which is made from machine-woven polyester, so it can be used both inside and out.

Most Persian rugs are characterized by their rich colors and busy patterns, which help to add a warm, traditional element to an otherwise cold space. Luckily, this one is UV-resistant to protect the blue hues, and it's lined so you won't even need a rug pad. "I am absolutely in love with this outdoor rug," one reviewer said. "The color is just as pictured, perfect size for our back deck since it's covered with gazebos." While it's only available in one color, it does come in five different sizes.

Imani Outdoor 8'9" by 12'9" Rug, $498, Anthropologie


Traditional Patterns With A Contemporary Pop: Tuscany Copper Outdoor Area Rug

Designed by the Novogratz, this Tuscany outdoor rug combines a modern, rust-orange color with a striped pattern that's reminiscent of traditional Aztec designs. The result? A piece that accents your outdoor space without overwhelming it. While some people may be a little hesitant of the color, orange has a lot of power when used as the main design element of a room. Bright, vibrant shades can energize and inspire, while oranges that are darker and more muted can created a relaxed, lived-in feel. This rug does the latter. 

Speaking of relaxed, you won't have to worry about the durability of this option. It's made with polypropylene and features a power-loom weave, so it's washable as well as sturdy — and according to reviewers, it holds up "without being uncomfortable under foot." In fact, several buyers say that despite the mud, traction, and chewing from their pets, this pick still looks like new. 

Novogratz Tuscany Copper Outdoor Area Rug, $136, Joss & Main


 Modern, Unique, & Worth The Splurge: Faz Rug

Looking for something that's unlike anything else out there? This is the rug for you. The Faz rug was created by Ramon Esteve, a Valencia-based company that designs unique pieces for unique spaces — as well as the spaces themselves. The Faz is representative of everything this company designs, from their eye-catching angles to their bold, modern aesthetic. In fact, this pick in particular was inspired by natural mineral formations, which are asymmetrical and periodic simultaneously. As a result, the piece makes visual sense, but still piques your interest. 

Even though this rug offers texture and comfort, it remains lightweight, weatherproof, and impact-resistant. It's available in three different color options that include various combinations of gray, white, black, brown, and gold, so you can match your existing decor while still accenting a particular color

Vondom Faz Rug, $5,080, YLiving


We hope you're one step closer to the outdoor space of your dreams! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.