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Dada Daily Is Changing The Art Of Healthy Snacking

Bringing together nutrition and design one bag at a time.

Dada Daily Is Changing The Art Of Healthy Snacking
Courtesy of Dada Daily.

When it comes to snacks, we feel like can fall into two camps. We either pick up something that we know is delicious and good for us or we buy whatever has the prettiest wrapper. Well Claire Olshan, founder of DADA Daily, decided that we should live in a world where both can come together. As the creator of the iconic NYC store Fivestory, the entrepreneur is well in touch with the aesthetic side of things. With her snack brand, healthy bites are elevated thanks to its design-forward approaches to packaging and appetizing creations like crispy almond butter brussels sprouts and matcha latte truffles.

"DADA Daily was built on two pillars: that of design and aesthetics, and that of breaking the rules of health food," says Olshan. "The inspiration for the brand came from the joyous, free, and liberating art movements of the early twentieth century: DADA and surrealism. Both the Dadaists and surrealists put an emphasis on the body and the mind - and for us as a company we really feel that healthy living is much simpler than people make it out to be. It should answer the question: what makes YOU feel good. Healthy living should be about your body and your mind, not the millions of subscribers to a certain diet."

Dada Daily Is Changing The Art Of Healthy Snacking
Courtesy of DADA Daily.

Not only are each package filled with delicious treats, but they are all also works of art. "The packaging is all comprised of photos of still life’s that we did in my home, with all my belongings, on my dining room table. It was an unzipping of my guts, brain, and imagination all splayed out before us," Oslan shares. "In true Dada and Surrealist style, it made all the sense in the world and no sense at all; mini Pedro Freinberg hand chairs surrounded by healthy ingredients, Dali melting clocks covered in brussels sprouts and olives, pistachios, and star fruits."

If you're looking to step up your snack game, we definitely recommend taking a bite into Oslan's amazing creations. Solo packs and gorgeous gifts sets are available to order online.