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After 4 Mattresses In 3 Years I’ve Finally Found The One

Settling is so overrated.

Fun fact: we spend about a third of every day in bed. That’s almost 3,000 hours of mattress time per year. So finding a mattress that will help coddle you to sleep is not a task that should be taken lightly. If you couldn’t already tell by the headline of this article I don’t mess around when it comes to finding the optimal mattress for my body. I mean, who wants to waste all those hours sleeping on anything less than perfect? Not me, that’s for damn sure.

While not every mattress quest is created equally, I hope that mine might at least help to inspire you not to settle. With new, trendy mattress companies popping up left and right and promising everything from body temperature regulation to ergonomic alignment there may not be a better time in history to be a human being who sleeps. So please join me for a brief summary of my dating history with mattresses.

Three years ago my boyfriend and I picked up and moved from NYC to the Bay Area and landed in a furnished apartment in the Oakland hills. The mattress in the apartment was queen-sized and from IKEA, as were pretty much all the other furnishings in the space. IKEA’s spring mattress was modest — not too soft, not too hard, but did exactly what we needed it to do, which is to say it provided us with a comfortable place to sleep. My boyfriend and I, along with our Shih-Tzu Phil, slept on that baby for about eight months until we decided it was time to move out of our minuscule studio apartment and into a larger space.

When we left Oakland for San Francisco, we were tasked with buying all new furniture since we hadn’t brought any with us from Brooklyn. After many years of buying only IKEA mattresses, we decided it was time to see what else was out there. Without a ton of disposable income but still eager to sleep on something with a bit more pizazz, we opted for a full-sized Tuft & Needle mattress. Side note: we had wrongly assumed that the mattress we had been sleeping on in Oakland was a full; however, our first night on our new T&N foam mattress proved us very wrong. Fortunately my boyfriend and I are both under six-feet and our dog weighs about 10 pounds so we weren’t *too* cramped, but were definitely yearning for some extra space.

After a few months on the Tuft & Needle mattress my boyfriend was craving a bit more back support, so when my boss asked if I wanted to try the Sapira Mattress by Leesa I jumped at the opportunity. The Sapira Mattress includes both foam and springs so it felt like it could be just the right goldilocks combination. And it was — for one of us. After the first night my boyfriend woke up feeling like he had the body of a committed yogi; however, I did not share the sentiment. Something about the combination of spring and foam made my muscles feel a bit too tense, so it was back to the drawing board.

Cue the Casper Mattress. If you’re not familiar with Casper you may want to pay a little more attention to the subway ads during your next commute. Since its launch a few years ago I feel like I can’t walk through a city without seeing one of their cheeky advertisements touting their thousands of stellar reviews (more than 40,000 to be exact). I had always wondered to myself, “But is it really worth all the alleged hype?” Years later I would answer that very question with a resounding “YES!”

When my boyfriend and I unboxed (yes, somehow those four layers of foam fit inside a rectangular box) the queen-sized mattress and laid down upon it, we both gasped. I wish I was joking when I say that right after our simultaneous gasp, we both said, “It feels like a bunch of tiny hands are holding us up,” but weirdly enough I am not. Our first night and every night since has been an absolute dream. No random aches, no night sweats, and no waking up when my partner rolls over. After three long years of searching, we finally found a mattress that we both love — imagined tiny hands and all.

If you can stomach wasting a third of your day enduring a mattress you hate, more power to you, but if you’re like me and would rather wake up with a smile on your face and a kink-free back, then get your dating profile ready and get out there! My advice: swipe left liberally and be wary of the mattress with too many shirtless photos.