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Everything Our Engagement Editor Is Gifting This Year

An internet-curated list of holiday goods.

Designed by Briana Gagnier.

Is it terrible that I every time I start Christmas shopping, I inevitably become distracted by the things want?

I suppose it's in part the internet's fault —the ability to browse various websites at once while also being served advertisements that know what the inside of your brain looks like isn't exactly an ideal environment for thinking of others, but I digress. The point is, holiday shopping in 2018 is a new ballgame. We are no longer dedicating entire days to galavanting through the mall. Instead, we're challenged to pick something among the endless abyss of the internet — and this year, I did it all online. 

In some ways, scrolling through Instagram is like walking through a virtual mall. I find most of my new favorite brands, products, and items while glancing at stories and perusing posts, and then I save them to a correlating saved folder. When gifting season rolled around, I felt equipped with ideas. Rather than settling for the run-of-the mill Christmas candle, I had a digital inventory of not only things  liked, but also things that were different, functional, and applicable to my loved ones.

So, maybe it's not terrible to be distracted by the things I love — as long as the end goal is finding wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Here's everything I picked out on the internet (Instagram, specifically) this year.  

                                                                                        For My Mom

All The Things I Want But Am Gifting This Year
Courtesy of DVF.

I first saw DVF and Lingua Franca's collaboration on Diane von Furstenberg's Instagram (I don't know who is running this account, but if you're reading this, you're doing a GREAT job). I interned at DVF while I was in college and became very inspired by the brand leader's motto, "Love is Life." Not only does it ring true, but also looks so special in Lingua Franca's sweet cursive stitching. I love everything both of these brands stand for — female empowerment, equality, and of course, style. Being a true jeans-and-sweater girl, I know my mom will love this one. 

DVF for Lingua Franca Love Is Life Cashmere Crewneck, $380, DVF

Everything Our Engagement Editor Is Gifting This Year
Courtesy of Roxanne Assoulin.

For My Dad

My dad has always worn one or two beaded bracelets, and I'm certain he hasn't yet discovered the fun world of Roxanne Assoulin. If you haven't yet seen images of her beading parties on Instagram, it's coming for you. And you will want in on the fun. Assoulin's accessory brand is more than just beads — it's a subtle reminder to have fun, and not take anything too seriously. And frankly, I can't think of anything more fitting for my dad.

Roxanne Assoulin Men's Crosswalk U-Tube Bracelet, $75, Roxanne Assoulin



All The Things I Want But Am Gifting This Year
Courtesy of Timber.

For My Significant Other

There is absolutely no shortage of cool hotels popping up in the Bay Area, especially around wine country. And, because I'm constantly looking for cool images of interiors for Lonny's social accounts, these are the types of advertisements I receive the most. I'm definitely not mad about it though — Timber Cove is a cool, mid-century spot on Northern California's coastline, complete with a rustic, modern feel, an elevated, log-cabin look, ocean views, and stunning surroundings. We can't wait to check this spot out together in 2019, and we will certainly report back, too.  

Timber Cove Resort, Bookings Upon Request, Timber Cove

All The Things I Want But Am Gifting This Year
Courtesy of Barneys.

For Little Ones

Okay, I only know one little one, and because of that she is on the receiving end of everything I find that is cute and sophisticated.

Most recently, I came across Eva Chen's new book: Juno Valentine. It is a seriously touching tale about a young girl that dives into her closet à la Alice In Wonderland and gets to try on the shoes of leading ladies — think Frida Kahlo, Anna Wintour, and Serena Williams. Whether or not you have little ones in your life, Chen's new book is a well-written story with beautiful and engaging imagery. Needless to say, it's definitely worth checking out. 

Eva Chen's Juno Valentine And The Magical Shoes, $19, Barneys. 



All The Things I Want But Am Gifting This Year
Courtesy of HAY.

For My Brother

My brother is currently finishing business school, so anything I gift him needs to be portable and easy to lug around during a move.

I landed on the HAY Sonos One speaker, an item that has been sitting in my "WANT" folder since it first came out earlier this year. Made in sleek, Danish fashion, the speaker has an elevated look, perfect for any shelf or desk, while Sonos brings in unmatched quality. This gift is great for just about everyone. 

HAY Sonos One, $229, HAY

All The Things I Want But Am Gifting This Year
Courtesy of Drunk Elephant.

For My Friends

Drunk Elephant stole my heart in 2018. I know, it sounds superficial. But the products work wonders, AND the brand makes these super cute little packages that make you want to keep them on display on your bathroom shelf (or in my case, atop my dresser). I love reaching for the marula oil at night to soothe and moisturize while I sleep, and the vitamin C serum in the morning for the best glow-y look I've ever come across. Whether treating your friends to a few minis or this cute gift set, Drunk Elephant is a gift that will not go unappreciated. 

Drunk Elephant The Big Reveal Kit, $88, Drunk Elephant


All The Things I Want But Am Gifting This Year
Courtesy of Reliquia.

For Myself

Ok internet, you win. I got lured in big time by this festive pair of Reliquia earrings. I first saw them on a girl (IRL) and spent five full minutes in the Starbucks line mustering up the courage to ask her where they were from. I missed my chance, and THEN saw them on Instagram a few days later. I never said anything aloud about them, so I can't blame this one on spooky advertising tricks. These earrings found me, and I gave in. 

Reliquia Pandemonium Earrings, $127, Reliquia.