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What The Coolest Designers Want To Buy Now

A round-up of home items to add to your wishlists.

Courtesy of ABC Home and Carpet.

At the ripe age of nine — right when the internet became accessible to my nimble type-to-learn-educated fingers — I began making lists. I'd scurry over to our clunky desktop computer, open Internet Explorer, and carefully type "http://www.gapkids.com." Oh boy. That was where it all happened — images of pastel capri pants, heart-adorned t-shirts, and spring skorts loaded (very slowly) onto the homepage. Copying and pasting these images into Word was an absolute JOY. To my mother's dismay, I'd spend hours creating documents with titles like "Cute Summer Pants" and "Must-Have Tees." I printed and laminated these pages into a yarn-bound book, and THAT was my first editor's list

So, what's the takeaway of this anecdote? Narrowing down wish-lists to just a few core items is incredibly satisfying. In fact, the only thing more enjoyable than making these lists ourselves is finding out what the experts are currently coveting. We reached out to a few of our very favorite tastemakers — including rug designer and interiors pioneer Alex Proba, Californian-based creator and artist Martha Oakes, and Lady of All Things Visually Exciting Susan Alexandra — to find out what they're loving right now. Here's a glance at the top of these experts' (non-laminated) must-have lists. 

Alex Proba, designer and art director 

Here's What Our Favorite Designers Want To Buy Now
Courtesy of Alex Proba.

What is the one item you're coveting right now?

Alex Proba: There are so many. It’s hard to choose but I am currently obsessed with all the pieces by Spanish designer and artist Carla Cascales Alimbau —especially with her “Antartida Montjuic” collection.

What makes this collection special?

AP: I think the sculptures are simply beautiful and seen very minimal and raw. But, if you take a closer look, you’ll discover something magical — golden lines. It seems like the gold is used to re-connect the "broken off" pieces of the stone. The theme of “reconnecting” is visible in many other of her pieces. Her work is also very different to my personal work, which is eclectic and very colorful. Maybe this is also an aspect that draws me to her work.

How long have you been eyeing Carla Cascales Alimbau's pieces, and why?

AP: I’ve only discovered her work two months ago and have been thinking about it ever since. How beautiful would the sculptures look at home? Here is her Instagram for more of her work. 

Martha Oakes, artist and textile designer

Here's What Our Favorite Designers Want To Buy Now
Courtesy of Martha Oakes.

What is the one item you're coveting right now?

Martha Oakes: Two things. I am really loving the photography of Lauren Marttila of Nantucket. I would love to have a one of her calming and serene ocean prints hung in a beautiful oak frame in my apartment. The second is a surfboard. I am actually in the process of getting a custom sage green board made with Christine of Furrow Surf Craft, a California-based designer and shaper. When I am not using it in Bolinas, I can't wait to have it rested up against a white wall in my living room.

What makes these pieces special?

MO: Both of these items are really special to me. I love the photography because I find so much inspiration in my art from the ocean. My parents live on Martha's Vineyard, so I love the connection that I have with her geographically. I think a surfboard makes for a beautiful statement piece in your living space when you're not using it and it tells a story about you.

How long have you been eyeing these works, and why?

MO: I discovered both makers about a year ago. I love the ocean and the sense of calm it brings, so any design piece that evokes that same feeling in a literal or abstract way is right up my alley.

Susan Alexandra, jewelry and accessories designer 

Here's What Our Favorite Designers Want To Buy Now
Courtesy of Susan Alexandra.

What is the one item you're coveting right now?

Susan Alexandra: A new couch. There are some restrictions here because I live in a tiny NYC apartment. The couch must be inviting, comfortable, gorgeous, and mini! I love this one from my favorite store in the world, ABC Carpet and Home.

What makes the couch special?

SA: I've just designed a line of hand-woven pillows, and the couch is the showcase. The couch is the eye of the room! It needs to stand out.

How long have you been eyeing this piece, and why?

SA: I have spent all of this long and dreary NYC winter dreaming of how I can make my home the safest, sweetest, warmest space possible!

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