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IKEA & Apple's AR App Will Change The Way You Shop

Shopping at IKEA will soon be so high tech.

IKEA & Apple's AR App Will Change The Way You Shop

Shopping at IKEA is kind of the worst. Unless you go with a document full of research, the ginormous showroom can feel way too overwhelming and you might end up with products you will have to return. Well soon all that is going to change. Thanks to a collaboration with Apple, the Swedish retailer is working to create an app that will let you see if its products will work in your space before even hitting the store.

"This will be the first augmented reality app that allows you to make reliable buying decisions," shared IKEA's digital transformation manager Michael Valdsgaard to Digital.di. After taking photos of their homes, users will be able to position products with millimeter precision and sizing into the image. You can even buy items that work straight from the app afterwards.

The new tech may be released closed to the new iOS 11 debut with 500 to 600 products to try out in your home. In the meantime, we'll have to stick with using our imaginations to see if we can fit a new KLIPPAN into our space.