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Scout Out: West Palm Beach's Dixie Highway

Palm Beach is more than just Lilly Pulitzer and Donald Trump. Drive off the sandy strip (Palm Beach proper is actually an island), and you'll come upon the ultimate insiders' source for incredible home design. Often referred to as Antique Row, the Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach has long been a coveted source for interior designers hunting down the perfect Edwardian end table or midcentury-modern mirror. But the area is also chock-full of stylish shops offering less-than-ancient wares. I'm in town, so I thought I'd check in and share a few of my favorite shops. 

Store: Jacki Mallick Designs
Address: 3715 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida
Website: www.jackimallickdesigns.com

Jacki Mallick's brightly painted interiors shop, located on the prime stretch of Antique Row, is a veritable breath of fresh air with its breezy take on Palm Beach chic: think metallic "acid washed" cowhide rugs, intricately beaded chandeliers, and handsome Lucite-and-driftwood chairs.

Store: Palm Beach Regency
Address: 850 Old Dixie Highway, Lake Park, Florida
Website: www.palmbeachregency.com

Originally started as an online-only boutique, Palm Beach Regency expanded to a brick-and-mortar shop a year ago when demand grew for owners Dawn DeCesare and Patricia Boris' fabulous finds. They've since outgrown three warehouses and are onto their fourth space, a soaring storefront a short distance from West Palm Beach, in Lake Park. Believe me, it's worth the detour.

Store: C. Bell
Address: 4906 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida
Website: www.cbellfurnishing.com

C. Bell owner Christine Bell embodies the quintessential Palm Beach style, with her blond bob and her predilection for brightly printed dresses. Her personal flair translates seamlessly into her shop on the Dixie stretchpoppy lacquered pieces stand alongside zebra prints and cheery, oversize artwork. The most striking element of the space, however, is the room decorated entirely in black, white, and pink.

Address: 531 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, Florida
Website: www.circawho.com

At the end of a postcard-perfect street of colorful stucco storefronts shaded by striped awnings and swaying palms, Tracy DeRamus' expansive shop stands out as the grande dame. Chippendale headboards and Dorothy Draper prints lean against painted walls in the vaulted, light-filled space. DeRamus' laid-back warmth is welcoming to working decorators and casual browsers alike. 

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