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Paul Smith's New Exhibition at Design Museum London

(Ph. courtesy of the Design Museum London)
"Start from humble beginnings and do good things." This maxim—in the subject's own words—lies at the heart of Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith, an exhibition that shines a light on the creative process of the man synonymous with natty English tailoring. Now open at the Design Museum London, the retrospective puts plenty of Smith's sartorial prowess on display, but its true highlights lie beyond the catwalk.

Decorative insights into Sir Paul's curio-stocked boutiques (from his diminutive 1970s debut—a 10-foot-by-10-foot shop in the British city of Nottingham—to a flamingo-hued stunner in West Hollywood) join a survey of his collaborations with brands such as Leica and the Rug Company. The most impressive part of the show? A life-size recreation of Smith's office, comprising a trove of collectibles that includes cycling paraphernalia, artwork, and quirky gifts from admiring fans across the globe (look for the peanut Nativity scene).
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